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Belle Desrosiers -- Reply for Aesma and Faun!
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Tweedle Dum -- Tag Aeshma!
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Eilonwy -- black cauldron wanted ad up!
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Bones -- Alex - tags for Ekun and Nala! Sorry for the wait : P
Tweedle Dum -- Replied to Lonnie's post in Dum's plotter! <3
Panda -- and reply in Dum's plotter with Lonnie <3
Panda -- updated Robin's and Gerda's plotters. also Eilonwy's is up! > here <
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Sabel the Soul Reaper -- open thread for the gods, taking back the mountian
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Amelia Bonny -- tag Dumas
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The Bard -- The October/November & New Character Activity Checks are now posted. Please respond before Nov. 30th to keep your characters and claims.
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Fa Bao -- tag
Fa Bao -- tag @ gwen: in the army now (know you're busy with revamp just reminding on the last two)
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