Tweedle Dum -- Tag for Amelia! The post is kinda long, because I wanted to set up the puzzle. Lemme know if anything needs to be changed.
Fa Bao -- Tag @ sabel: sorry for the wait
Amelia Bonny -- tag Dumas
Morgana -- tag Melusina
Tweedle Dum -- Tag @Amelia!
Nala -- tag @ bones in the future: not good news indeed
Nala -- tag @ amelia: she can pray over you
Robin Dee Wymond -- & one up for Eppy / Nimue I'm horrible at getting these up in time. link
Avilon Pendragon -- future thread up for bones. I look forward to it then takes forever for me to do. figures. sorry for the wait!
Sabel the Soul Reaper -- posted for bao
Tweedle Dum -- Tag Amelia!
Fa Bao -- tag @ sable: shadows and the sword (if you need me to change something let me know)
Fa Bao -- tag @ arwen: permission to leave
Fa Bao -- tag
Fa Bao -- tag @ gwen: in the army now (know you're busy with revamp just reminding on the last two)
Nala -- tag @ ike: sign of the times