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 07. The Canon List

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

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canon list

This one of three lists of Tales adapted for use in our game. There are a wide variety of tales, each of them unique to our site. Not every character from every tale has been listed. If you would like to reserve a lesser known, unlisted canon, please fill out the code provided as you would for a listed canon and we will add your character to the canon tale upon acceptance.

Featured Canon Tales are those tales that either do or will play an important role in the site wide plot line of Once Upon a Nightmare. The tales listed in the Featured Canon Tales may change over time as new developments are made or aspects of the site plot are resolved. These stories will progress and develop as the site wide plot progresses and develops and may change drastically over time.

Supporting Canon Tales are Canon Tales that exist as subplots to the main site. While often indirectly affected by the site wide plot line and intermingled with other tales, they often have an independent plot line and story arc of their own which is not reliant on the board for plot progression.

Finally, Special Tales are those Tales which have been adapted for Once Upon a Nightmare by its members. These Tales may have developed a more featured role since their creation, or may exist as a supportive tale, but are not considered an original addition to site canon.

Canon UpdatesThis is a link to the Canon Update list. After reading a canon tale if you wish to know where the tale is at currently in it's plot progression please go to the provided link. The updates are separated by location: Caerleon, Dokrayth, Calladahn, Solhara, Allutheria, Xehacora, and Maritanis/Mahrielle.

Please place a reservation if you intend to begin work on a character found in one of these tales. Reservations last for seven (7) days. However, the staff reserves the right to revoke reservations if the application has not been started within the first three days. Please try to reserve only one character at a time. If extra time is needed to make revisions to an application, the staff will make the necessary allowances. HOWEVER players are responsible for requesting their own reservation extensions. You can do this by replying to this thread with the request or by contacting The Mod Squad. Thank You.


Table of Contents

Supporting Tales

Special Tales

Your Alias is reserving (Character) from (Canon Tale) until (Three days from today)

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