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 02. The Rules

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standard rules
*Obey the Staff, they’re only trying to make things fun and fair for all.

*Be respectful to everyone. Avoid people you don’t like, or get a staff member involved if you must.

*You write only for your characters.

*Some of you may actually be playing Gods in this game, but you are still expected to be fair with creation and game play…no character is infallible, god or no god.

*Please write in game posts in third person past tense. You are welcome to create a diary for your character if you wish to explore their adventures in first person.

*Recommended player age for this site is 17. Younger players who can write to our standards are welcome to apply.

*Posts that are not safe for a work or school environment should be marked as such in the Topic Title or Description. Please and thank you.

*Please do not post outside of the claims or application areas with accounts that have not yet been accepted into the game.

*Please register with Proper Capitalization.
*You may register your character using any combination of Proper names that you think best suits your character. For instance: if you choose to omit a surname because your character did not have a father or because they do not have a use for a surname within their culture. There is only one exception: *The only character registered with descriptive terms such as 'the Huntress' or the 'the wise' following their Proper names should be gods. For example: Aethanryke the Forebearer is permissible because he is the god of time. Henrietta the Lusty a tavern wench from Solhara is not permissible.

*DOHTML is enabled for members.

*Avatars (250x400) and GIF images are required for the miniprofile. If you don't fill them, the staff may input an image of their own choosing. If you need help sizing or locating graphics, feel free to PM the staff or ask if another member can help you in our cbox.

*Signatures are permitted but not required and cannot exceed more than 700 pixels in height or they will be abbreviated by the board.

*Images and templates should not exceed 500 pixels in width to avoid stretching the board.

*Players are not required to use templates.

character limits

*It is recommended that you do not play more than one character in any given Canon Tale.

*We also recommend that you attempt to create different types of characters in different settings in the interest of interaction.

*Previous characters must be active with two posts, an activity check reply (for the most recent activity check), and a completed wiki page before applying for a new character.

*Please post as often as you are able. Ideally no less than once a week for each character but we know that sometimes life makes that difficult and allowances can be made.

*Respond to Activity Checks or run the risk of losing your characters.

*Post in the LOAs if you will be away from the game for more than 7 days at a time. And post in the Activity Check if there is any chance you may not return before the Activity Check officially closes.

*If you fail to return from an LOA with 14 days of its expiration, the staff reserves the right to reopen your claims even if it is before the close of an Activity Check.

*Activity Checks cover the minimal activity requirements for keeping your characters active on OUAN. Please be aware that if you take on characters with starring roles on the site or within their own canon tales, that you will be expected to make more than minimal posting requirements month to month and prolonged inactivity may cause the staff to discuss your activity levels with you.

*If you are unable to get to the site and your characters are deactivated, you can ask for them to be reopened. if they have not been claimed by someone else in the mean time, you will be allowed to reactivate one at a time. However, unless special circumstances are at play, characters can only be played by the same player in our game a total of three times. This means that you can only ask to reopen or revive a specific dropped or inactivated character three times before the staff will deny your request.

word limit

*If receiving a match word count is important to you, you MUST include a word count somewhere in your post. If you see a word count listed, please understand this is likely the player's polite way of asking for a matching post, in this case try to match as best you can.

*Magic is an integral part of this game.

*The parameters of magic and its use are laid out clearly in the species descriptions and should be followed.

*Misuse of magic as a plot device could cause magic itself to be removed from our game, so please do not depend upon it for storytelling.

*Create magical objects sparingly. (Only after discussing their creation with the staff.)

*The hierarchy of magic is as follows: The greatest magical ability lies with the Gods, followed by the Fae, the Half Fae, and finally Witches have the weakest form of magic. Supernatural creatures cannot use magic. The very few Demigods which exist within Ga'leah are more powerful than the Fae, less powerful than their Godly parents, but with a very specialized magic that does not deviate from its specialization. For example, if a Demigod's magical ability is creating shields, only a god's magic would be able to penetrate the shield. If a Demigod's magical ability is shooting flame from their hands, a Fae's magic could not create a shield powerful enough to deflect it. But, the Demigods outlined above are incapable of any other forms of magic.

death and pregnancy
*OUAN does allow for the utilization of Death and Pregnancy plots but with a few suggestions and procedures we would like to see followed.

*Do not kill a Canon Character which is listed in a Canon Role on our Canon Tales without discussing it with a member of the staff. If the death is going to disrupt the Canon Tale or negatively impact other characters currently in the game, the staff may politely deny your request to kill off said character.

*Original characters can be killed at the player’s discretion but all claims will be reopened immediately following their deaths..

*It is possible for players to kill a character and retain them as a Single-Player NPC to use exclusively in Past Threads. If you are interested in this option, talk to the staff.

*Players are also permitted to have one pregnancy plot at a time, but the staff should be informed of the plot before it is put into action for administrative purposes. Players are cautioned that pregnancies will last for the typical gestation of that species. This means in terms of the board months and not months in the real world. Board time does not always move swiftly because of unfolding site plots, and so some pregnancy plots may take a very long time to reach fruition. For this reason, players are cautioned to think about them carefully and the ramifications they may have for character activity during that time. The pregnancy limit falls on the player with the pregnant character. So, if you play a mother-to-be and another of your shipmates wants to make another of your characters a father-to-be, this would be permissible.

fortune telling
*Because there is a god of Time present in this game, we know that some individuals will wish to make characters with the ability to see and predict the future. This is allowed, but only under certain stipulations which must be strictly adhered to.

*No character can predict a future event which will involve any region of the board be it a city or a kingdom without prior permission from the staff. At times, the staff may choose to reveal certain aspects of upcoming plots to players for their characters to foreshadow, but this is not guaranteed.

*A character can only predict the future of any character after plotting out what the prediction and its meaning with the player (or players) in advance. Anything less is god modding and will not be permitted on this site.

*Players acknowledge that the futures they see or predict may not come to pass. Players are able to completely disregard predictions if their plots change or they are given a prediction they did not pre-approve. Just as even the god of time cannot know precisely what future will take place until it has begun, neither can lesser characters.

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