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City and Kingdom of the High Court

A Kingdom in Ga’leah

Location:Central kingdom of Ga’leah
Associated Canon Tales:Dracula, Fern Gully, King Arthur, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood
See Also:
Knights of the Round Table, Druids of Deepwood
Caerleon is located at the heart of Ga’leah and is the center of its government. At its center is Castle Caerleon, constructed by Uther Pendragon as the stronghold of the city and the home of the High Court. Currently, Arthur and Gwenhwyfar Pendragon, along with their advisors, servants, and a few knights call the magnificent fortress home.


Caerleon in located in the heart of Ga’leah, though in the last few months its boarders have spread, mostly to cover the southern roads and refugee camps. The Sea of Lyrielle lies to the north, and its edge makes up much of Caerleon’s northern border. The Yarrow lies beyond that, and to the south of the main city lies Deepwood, through which runs the river Zaffre.

The city itself is easily the largest in Ga’leah. While striking, there is evidence that it was designed and funded by a man who was very worried about being ambushed. Encircled by a large, twenty foot wall, the first wall encompasses most of the city and markets. Then, there is a second smaller wall, enclosing the barracks, training grounds, stables, and housing for the minor members of the court. At the heart of the city and located on a steep hill behind yet another, short wall lies the great castle itself.

Beyond the main city, which can be seen several miles away if one is coming from the east, as it is gentle rolling hills and open plains. It is here where many of the outlying villages are, as well as the majority of Caerleon’s farmland. To the southwest lies Deepwood, a beautiful and mystical forest, much smaller than the Yarrow but the trees are closer, older, and more alive than any other place in Ga’leah. The southern boarder is located in mostly open plains with a few scattered trees, and while officially it lies in between the cities, it is accepted among most people that the end of Caerleon is a rough line between Thrine and Soristine, the two cities the major landmarks that signify they are no longer within the boundaries of Caerleon.


The Kingdom of Caerleon is quite new. The city of Caerleon, specifically the castle was completed in 1940, but it wasn’t until 2000 that Caerleon was recognized as an official Kingdom of Ga’leah. In 1940, under Uther Pendragon’s reign it was declared the capital city of Ga’leah, and being such a stronghold, no siege upon it has ever been successful. From 1940-1945, it was the center of festivities, and commerce, and despite the bloody conquest that made it possible became a hotspot for travelers, artists, and merchants alike.

However, as Uther became more paranoid, he stopped letting so many people pass through. The festivities became lackluster, and then faded away entirely, and by the time Uther’s Reign of Terror was in full swing, the city was barely scraping by. Uther devoted so much time and money to training soldiers and hiring mercenaries and sorcerers that food became scarce, and people began to flee the city out of desparation and fear. When Uther locked the gates to ensure nobody could get in and out, a new name was coined for it by the rebels who fought to get inside: The Prison of the Innocents.

Yet despite the fighting and the brutality, the city itself did not see much harm. Even when Uther was assassinated, the Red Dragon did not destroy it, recognizing the advantage of a colossal fortress at such a central location. However, after Uther’s assassination, and the loss of the Queen and Prince of Caerleon, the city became a dreary reminder of past horrors as well as former splendor. What little government remained was conducted there, but it wasn’t until Arthur rose to the throne that Caerleon became anything other than the famous Prison, and remains of Uther’s grand empire.

Once Arthur rose to the throne, he slowly set about returning the city to its former glory, but not without a few modifications. He added two extra gates to the outer wall to make it slightly more accessible from different angles, and began hiring guards from neighboring towns and kingdoms. In 1980, Caerleon saw its first foreign troops arriving in Caerleon to be trained, outfitted, and sent back to their respective kingdoms, as well as being the first time that hundreds of soldiers from all over Ga’leah patrolled the city walls and streets together with no ulterior motives than being called to serve their King. After that, the city’s reputation was on a steady uphill climb as Arthur installed the Round Table Knights, reinstated festivals, markets, and made it a thriving city once again. Arthur also tore out a dozen prison cells, utilizing them instead as storehouses with massive grain stockpiles.

For twenty years, Caerleon was once again seen as a place worthy of traveling to, both for work and entertainment. However, at the onset of the Blight, that all changed drastically. With the population decimated in a matter of months, Caerleon grew three times its normal size as it became packed with refugees fleeing their dying kingdoms. As Calladahn and Dokrayth fell, Caerleon’s borders extended south, west, and east, encompassing just beyond Deepwood and several miles west of Soristine. It was also the only place with light for a period of time after the Sun god was killed, making Caerleon a beacon of hope for quite some time. Now, even with the Blight vanquished, Caerleon is still home to many refugees, and its borders still stand, making it officially a kingdom of Ga’leah.

Extra Stuff

The Five Corners, and all activities held there are under direct control of Caerleon, even though it is not technically within Caerleon’s boundaries. However, since it is a sight for the new royals of the other kingdoms to prove themselves worthy, Caerleon holds jurisdiction over the city to avoid any biases from the other kingdoms.
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