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 The Cult of Veritas
The Cult of Veritas is an organization that has only recently come into existence in the kingdom of Xehacora. They formed in response to the Blight and the suffering that it caused; spreading the message that magic was to blame or the loss of land and life; the gods were too weak to defend humanity from the threat of magic; and that only through purging the land of magic and embracing an existence without it could the people of Ga'leah hope to survive. The Blight, they assured people, was only the first in a long line of calamities that would follow and kill them all if magic was not stopped quickly.

Although it began in the refugee camps in Xehacora, the Cult quickly spread to the cities with more and more people joining the cult and buying into their ideologies in the six months that followed the Blight.

Veritas believes that the Fae and even the Gods can be saved by the truth of magic's destructive and terrible force if they are willing to give up magic and allow it to be taken from them. Those captured individuals considered worthy of redemption by Veritas are given the option of having their magic drained by one of the Forsworn, freeing them and allowing them to live. If individuals are considered important to Veritas, the option may not be given and the Forsworn may 'break' them and remove their magic without their consent. Magic users who refuse to give in or who have no importance to the cult are executed in a variety of ways. One of the cult's favorite activities is to pervert customs of magic and religion into deadly games used against those magic users marked for death.

Sometimes members of the cult will be given magical objects to be used in the pursuit of the cult's main objective. Only trusted members of the cult are given these objects for when the object's task has been completed, they must swear to destroy it and cleanse themselves with masochistic rituals to purge the magic from their systems.

The Forsworn are a special sect of individuals within Veritas who wield one of a select few Unicorn Horns. Harvested when the now deceased Horned King tried to sacrifice the Unicorns for immunity from all magic, he instead unwitting created a weapon of anti-magic. While not immune to magic, the horn gives the wielder the power to siphon the magic of any individual who openly uses magic against them and then use that magic to inflict unimaginable and often unbearable pain upon the user. It can also be used to completely drain the magic from a magic user, but typically requires prolonged contact and a series of tortures called 'breaking' by the Forsworn. In battle, the Forsworn can only take as much magic as is directed at them, and can only inflict pain upon the magic user if they are within sight of them.

The Forsaken are those who have had their magic stolen by the Forsworn. If they have been completely drained, they are considered 'free' of the bonds of magic and are allowed to live. If they have not been drained but merely partially-siphoned by one of the Unicorn horns in battle, it becomes the Forsworn's solemn honor to 'break' them.

Only the most ardent followers of Veritas are invited to meet with the founder of the cult. Rumored to be a man so terribly affected by the Blight that the people of Ga'leah would think him a monster to look upon him, he has been known to summon individuals into private meetings. There are some that claim he was once a purveyor of magic himself because his knowledge of the world and the individuals he meets with is often vast and uncannily accurate, but the truth of his origin or what exactly he suffered during the Blight at the hands of magic are said only to be known to those closest to him.

He is also said to have the ability to let individuals see and interact with the spirits of those lost in the Blight. These spirits, he claims, can one day be made whole once more and all people lost in the Blight returned to the world. But only when magic is gone and no speck of it remains for it is the magic of the Fae and Gods that prevents their resurrection.
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