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 The Fae Wars

The Fae Wars

The Fae Wars were a series a skirmishes that took place between warring groups of Fae. Although the Fae largely consider the Fae Wars long since completed after the creation and deployment of the unicorns throughout Allutheria, unofficial battles between Courts and Freeholds have continued to this day.

The Fae Wars were at their height immediately following the exile of the Fae to Allutheria. Many of the Fae were already in small groups based upon their allegiances during and before the war. There were intense hostilities aimed at those who were considered instrumental to the loss of the war or whom many of the Fae believed betrayed them. The Jinn had to recreate their home of Shangri-La with carefully constructed enchantments to ensure that the other Fae could cause them no harm while they remained within their city. The Atlanteans had to sink their home beneath the waves and hide their existence for fear of what the Fae might do, and even singular fae like Dallben were forced to lead relatively reclusive lives for quite some time to avoid backlash.

Many of the early Courts and Freeholds that formed lack the numbers to hold large swaths of land in Allutheria and many of them were wiped out before their names or memberships could even be recorded. The only Courts to survive the initial millenia of existence in Allutheria were those with the numbers and the power to protect themselves.

The hostilities between the Red and White Court became a focal point for many of the Fae Wars. Even when they were not fighting each other, the White Court was attempting to counteract the damage done by the Red Court.

Although the fall of the Court of the Bull is considered an event which occurred long after the end of the Fae Wars, is in fact still an event caused by the same covetous nature of a rival court. The Red Court wished to claim the lands of the Court of the Bull, and for this reason bribed the Prince of the court to aid them in deploying their newest creation, a weapon of mass destruction they called the Goblin. It did its job too well, and as was with many of the Red Court's best laid plans, they were unable to control the weapon after it had done its job. It was only with the White Court's interference to create the Labyrinth that the Goblins were stopped. For a time.

Additionally, in more recent times, the Court of Hearts and Red Court were infiltrated by members of a religious Freehold that had begun to gain momentum in Allutheria. Known as the Mad Tea Party, they were able to take down the Courts through spying and manipulation, laying waste to two of the most powerful Courts in Allutheria.

Finally, during the Blight, the Horned King led a charge against the Amazons, causing great damage to Themyscira and killing many of the warrior women. Although not entirely considered part of the Fae Wars, the nature of the conflict between leaders of the Fae and their followers constitutes a battle of the Fae Wars regardless of timing.

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