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 Jack Frost

Jack Frost

Former Spirit of Winter

Jack Frost
Spirit of Winter

Portrayed By Sebastian Stan

Created By: Bones
Gender: Male
Age: 4000+
Species: Fae
Position: Ice Fae
See Also:
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Jack Frost was once the template for the Fae species and the spirit of Winter, but false bravado and a war with the gods changed all that. Though Jack attempted to escape the judgment of the gods following the Fae's loss in the Great War, his desertion did not go as planned. Hiding his powers in a human child, he thought that he would someday be able to reclaim the power of Winter for himself...but the power was much easier to give away than it proved to be to take back.

Early Life

Jack began life as a human boy in the modern age of Ga'leah. Born to Tray and Lanwen Frost, he had only one sibling, Gerda and grew up in the foothills of the Hyadies, living as happy of a life as one can. He always loved the ice and snow, and was a trickster from the very start. Always messing with his family, as well as the other village boys he was often seen as a nuisance, though he was fairly harmless.

However, it seemed the boy did have a heart, because one day while playing on a frozen lake, he didn't realize how thin the ice was and his sister fell in. Without a second thought, he jumped in after her, pushing her up onto the ice and out of harms way, but unable to escape himself. As he sank beneath the surface and started drowning, he was spirited away by the Forebearer from the moment before his death to the past.

Subtitle 1


Aethanryke had seen an important destiny for the boy, and so he was given to the Source and the Green Man, who decided to use him as a template for the very first fae. He was given powerful magic, immortality and all of the memories of his past life were removed. The Green Man saw fit to make him not only a fae, but also to give him dominion over the coldest season of the year, the one that had always been his favorite as a boy, despite it's bitter, unforgiving nature. So, Jack became the Spirit of Winter, the first seasonal fae.

With awesome powers, and no recollection of his past life, as well as a predisposition of mischief, Jack got himself into quite a lot of trouble. With nothing to hold him back, and few people to tell him no he did whatever he liked and became a mischievous, arrogant, and extremely foolish young man. He was only fourteen years old when he became a fae, and continued to grown and change until just after his thirtieth birthday, and after that he would appear the same forever. He regularly got into fights with the other seasons, particularly Summer and Autumn, though he always had a special place in his heart for Spring, who was the only one who ever talked him down from his high horse without a fight.

For many years, Jack thrived, causing trouble in every part of Ga'leah at all times of the year, and it wasn't until rumblings of war began to reach his ears that he was forced to take something seriously again. When at last the Fae Wars came, Jack chose to stand by his own kind, fighting the gods alongside his brethren until the war was lost and the punishment for the Fae was decided. Upon hearing the outrage of Summer as she lost her powers to the Green Man, Jack Frost fled and chose to lose his powers on his own terms. He did this by directing his power into a human child, Elsa. By doing so, he was able to decide how he lost his powers and how his now more common powers would take shape within him. Thus he became simply the Winter Fae having passed on the Spirit of Winter to the human child.

After losing his powers, Jack lost his purpose. Enraged at the Green Man's betrayal of his creation, he sought the god out for many years, seeking to force him to restore him to his former glory, but he never succeeded. So Jack became a bitter, which eventually led to cruelty and malice. He relished in causing avalanches and ice storms, raining them down on weary travelers, no matter what their species. As humans began to fill the lands, Jack hated them too, unaware that he was once one of them. The once mischievous, but usually friendly boy had managed to jump to the other end of the spectrum, forever angry at the gods, and at anyone or anything that comes his way. His only solace is his powers, which are still reminiscent of what they once had been.


In the many hundreds of years Jack has existence since losing his powers, he has lived a nomadic life, wandering the Hyadies and rarely straying further except during the winter months. Until very recently he had made no attempt to make contact with the human child he had bestowed his powers upon. However, he has determined that it is finally safe to reclaim his proper place as the Spirit of Winter and spent many decades trying to reclaim it from her. However, he failed to do so, and finally just a few months ago, gave up. No longer interested in trying to become what he was almost two thousand years ago, Jack's only interest remained tormenting strangers. However, as fate would have it, his final attempt to steal his powers back from the human girl affected him more than he had anticipated. Upon seeing the girl's early human life, it triggered the resurfacing of his own memories.

After a few weeks, he realized what they were, and now finally understand who he is. This was helped by an incident with a young woman he was attempting to bury along with her group of travelers. After noticing something familiar about her, within a few weeks he realized that she was his sister Gerda.

Jack Frost hardly noticed the Blight's end, because his domain was unforgiving even to the undead. He played little role in the Blight's spread and in it's defeat, and cares little about the outcomes. Now, he is trying to work out how to deal with these new memories and feelings from his far distant past that now seem so present.

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