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 The Walking Starvation

The Walking Starvation

A Zombie Plague

The Origin

None know from where the Blight came. But it descended upon the land like a plague, bringing with it sickness, decimating all in its path. Although it destroyed the home of the gods, Caelum, as an all-consuming shadow, it infected the land itself in another way. Rather than destroying Ga’leah and all those who lived there, the Blight festered inside the bodies of the inhabitants until they grew too weak to fight. Those who were overrun or those who simply gave up lost themselves to infection. Oozing sores and gaping wounds covered their bodies. They were wracked with spasms and coughed up black blood. Only darkness remained in the end.

The Shambling Dead

The first wave of the Walking Starvation came quietly and without warning. The interred dead began to rise, reanimated by a sickness the likes of which Ga’leah had never seen before. Moved by some supernatural force to feed, to spread the infection, to destroy and incite anarchy, they came, the newly dead quickly joining their ranks.

The Shambling Dead are slow. Rigor mortis and decay contribute to their jerking gait and awkward, movements, but do not assume that they pose no threat. The dead are, of course, incredibly hard to kill and can spread the Walking Starvation as easily through their bite as any of their more threatening relatives. Damage to the head is the only thing that can stop them…


The infection is spread through the bodily fluids of the Infected. Most often it takes the form of a bite, but exposure to any bodily fluid is certain death. When one of the living is exposed to the Walking Starvation, it seeks out the darkness inside of them. It takes root in the tiny piece of turmoil in their hearts and causes it to grow. Like any sickness it begins innocently enough, but quickly spreads throughout their systems until they lose their humanity and succumb to the Walking Starvation.

The Living Dead

The Living Dead are dangerous. They are as fast as any human. They maintain a rudimentary thought process much like any dangerous wild animal, so they are not as easily fooled or eluded as their dead kin. There is good news, however, if they are not killed by a blow to the head, the Walking Starvation will, eventually, burn them out. They cannot consume enough to keep their bodies alive, and so eventually, the Living Dead will waste away, die and rise again as one of the Shambling Dead.


There are those in the Ga’leah who house powerful magic within them. This magic allows them to combat the Walking Starvation. Upon exposure, it reacts much as it does with any average human, seeking out the turmoil in their hearts and attempting to feed it, to destroy them from the soul outward. But beings of magic can fight. Not always and not forever. Sometimes they can even hide the Walking Starvation from their friends and loved ones, though it is a daily battle that requires incredible self-control and energy.

Those unfortunate souls who fall to the Blight do not become one of the Shambling or Living Dead. The Blight has much more to work with in these individuals. It twists their bodies, transforming them into monsters, bastardizing their powers into something truly horrific that lives to serve the Blight, to spread the Infection, to destroy. It is rumored that somewhere within the creature, locked away in a place where they can only watch remains a shadow of what they once were, a single spark of consciousness locked in the eternal hell of the monster they have become.

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