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 The Solhara Blight

The Solhara Blight

Death of Solhara

The Solharan Blight was third blow to strike Ga'leah. The Blight finally set its sights upon the desert kingdom. With the fall of the Yarrow and the darkening of the sun, the desert had become reliant on the Living Flame to provide warmth and light to those now in darkness. The Blight was able to capture a now greatly weakened Living Flame and the fires of Solhara went out.

The bonfires the Living Flame created to light and warm the settlements in Solhara were all extinguished in the blink of an eye. Worse yet, any attempt to light new fires to take the place of those that were lost proved impossible. Only the flames ignited before the death of the Living Flame were still burning around Ga'leah. If they went out, some feared, it was possible that all fire might be lost.

If only that was the least of their problems, for another god met an untimely end at the hands of the Blight as well. The Stormbringer was no more. With his death, great winds began to churn in the deserts of Solhara kicking up vast storms of sands that moved as if with intelligence towards the cities, towns, and settlements of the desert kingdom. Worse yet, the seas themselves seemed intent upon consuming Solhara as the storm surge of great Blighted Hurricanes threatened Solhara. The waves came in steady intervals, each one larger than the last, each one leveling buildings and sweeping souls into the brackish water as they receded only to return with renewed fury.

This proved to be only the beginnings of their trouble. While the Yarrow and Ocean dealt with many Blighted creatures bringing death and destruction in their wake, the Ga'leahans were shocked to see men, women, and children on the streets and in the buildings around them ripped apart as great dragons emerged as if from inside them. The Dragons took to the skies, headed for Solhara in answer to the magical siren call elicited by Maleficent and her daughter.

Solhara, unable to defend itself properly, was forced to stage a massive evacuation two one of three safe locations: Allutheria, Caerleon, or Xehacora.

By Location

The Oasis:

Most of the Powhatan had already evacuated to Deepwood where the Druids welcomed them. Those Powhatan that remained behind to guard the Oasis were quickly overcome by the rising sea waters and the buffeting winds of the desert sands. Some managed to escape through the Shifting Silvers but most were lost.


Swarms of weevils killed crops and spread the blight’s reach. Famine set his eyes on Thrine in order to destroy Ga’leah’s main source of food. Him and his army of the voracious undead marched towards the capitals destruction, but was defeated. Although Famine was stopped, Thrine and Calladahn fell to the Blight. No longer safe to inhabit, most of their residents relocated to Xehacora, Caerleon, Solhara, or Allutheria. The Evil Queen moved to her embassy in the Five Corners in Caerleon.

Tienshang Guo:

Mass Evacuations were immediately underway. With the seas swallowing the villages more and more, some people lined up to use the Shifting Silvers to get to Zabier or Caerleon while others were attempting entry into Shangri-La through Tara's Door where they hoped the Jinn and the Fae would keep them safe from the Blight. .


Zabier was far enough away from the seas that they believed they had nothing to fear from the rising tides. They were also no stranger to sand storms and believe they could weather this one. Only the lack of the bonefires and the dying flames worried the citizens of Zabier until the Dragons ripped their way out of those poor souls who had been chosen to bear them. Suddenly faced with a new and terrifying enemy, the citizens of Zabier fled and the city fell.

The Rest of Ga'leah:

New flames could not be ignited, old fires were closely guarded. Strange weather phenomenon were also cropping up through the land but nothing to the extent as in Solhara. .

The Dragons

See Dragon Species

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