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 The Hyadies

The Hyadies

The Ga'leah Mountains

The Hyadies
The Ga'leahan Mountains

Location:Calladahn and Solhara
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The Hyadies are a mountan range that form a natural barrier between the kingdoms of Calladahn and Solhara. The Solharan side of the Hyadies is rich in precious mineral deposits and has provided Solhara with one of its most important resources, gold and precious jewels, which are mined by slaves conscripted into service from the nomadic tribes of the desert region.

There is only one safe and quick passage through the Hyadies mountains. It is patrolled by the kingdom of Calladahn who exacts a tax upon anyone attempting to use it. Even during the Blight, the Pass was being guarded. The tax was only waived by command of the High Court who has demanded that all taxation of the pass cease until the kingdoms have adequately recovered from the Blight.

The highest peak in the Hyadies is Mount Caelum, the mountaintop home of the gods. It is only accessible to the gods or by invitation from the gods. Attempting to climb the mountain or use magic to breach it proves deadly in almost every case.

Although there are several mountain communities, the most notable is the town of Berkendell which boasts one of the oldest and most independent villages in Ga'leah.

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