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 Percius Marillac

Percius Marillac

Canon Character

Percius Marillac
Prince of Xehacora

Portrayed By Colin Morgan

Created By: The Bard
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Demigod
Position: Prince of Xehacora
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Percius Marillac is the second son of the King of Xehacora and the first son of Queen Maleficent. He is a gentle soul who pretended to fail as a child to spare feelings of his brothers and keep himself safe from their competitive natures. He also shares a magical but complicated bond with his twin sister, Melusina.

It was only after Percy learned of the wicked deeds performed by his mother, that he truly began acting the fool to give him the freedom to secretly help those he could from facing his mother's wrath. His gallantry eventually cost him his humanity when court advisor Yzma curse him to transform into a frog anytime he was captivated by an attractive woman effectively turning one of his greatest joys and worse character flaws against him.

The Precious Prince

When Percius Marillac was born, he was a very weak and sickly babe. Though he was a demigod like his sister, Melusina, he did not exhibit any particularly promising skills and even his deformity was rather disappointing to Maleficent. She had the deformity (a small tail) surgically removed and virtually forgot about the infant in favor of his much more promising sister.

In reality, Percy's sickly state was brought on by the inner efforts of Adora to preserve something of herself within the wicked Maleficent. With her existence being consumed by Maleficent and the godhood of Vengeance, Adora used all but the last of her existence to bestow her blessing upon the babe and create a child who was the offspring of her very soul.

The sickly prince was quickly termed 'Precious' by the people of Xehacora who saw the weak newborn and his courageous battle for life as a sign of great strength. When he survived and grew into a young man, it was called favor from the gods for the Precious Prince.

Percy accepted his role as 'the spare' to his elder half-brother, Kuzco, without much concern on the subject and quickly learned that this role meant he could not be smarter or perform better than his elder brother, the 'rightful' heir. He also learned much later that he could not perform better than his younger halfbrother either. Eugene was not the child of Dagon as Melusina and Percy were and had no value to Maleficent. It was important that she see him as more skilled in other areas to justify his presence in the castle.

The Fool

One night, restless after being ridiculed by his mother for not being as smart or as physically capable as his brothers, Percy witnessed his mother and her adviser, Corvus Dagonite, doing unspeakable things to a young man they had taken captive. From their discussions during the torture, this was not the first nor would it be the last. He followed Dagonite to the catacombs beneath the castle and found a mass grave there of all of the souls Dagonite and Maleficent had sacrificed to their experiments. Overcome with horror and grief, Percius Marillac determined to do whatever he could to stop his mother's evil acts and save what souls he could. To do this, he began acting the fool in front of everyone. He fell asleep in important meetings, changed the subject to trivial things when conversations became too intense, and garnered for himself a reputation as a womanizer and a young man who never missed a party including those in Allutheria at the Red Court . He concerned himself only with having a good time and pampering himself with the finest in fashion...all the while doing what he could in secret to help the poor of Xehacora and spirit was souls he could out of the castle and away from his mother's cruel magicks.

Unbeknownst to him, his presence that night had not gone unnoticed by Dagonite. However, the loss of his godhood had begun to soften his heart and upon witnessing Percy's actions afterwards, he was easily able to determine that Percius was all that remained of his once beloved Adora, a creature who had all but been destroyed by the gift he had bestowed upon her after the loss of her own godhood. Torn between his loytalty to Maleficent and his love for Adora, Dagon used what small power he had been allowed to maintain upon gifting his godhood to Maleficent to bless Percius making him the only known creature in creation known to be blessed by both Mercy and Vengeance in his lifetime. It was Dagon's intentions to protect what small piece of Adora remained in the world, not just from Maleficent's wrath, but from the darkness of Vengeance itself. It had been his power that had destroyed Adora once, he could not bear to see it happen a second time.

The true nature of Dagonite's blessing is not yet realized, nor are the effects of the mixed blessings of Vengeance and Mercy upon the Demigod child.

The Frog

Percy ran afoul of his mother's advisor, Yzma. Though he was able to preserve his foolish facade, he did not escape the Fae's wrath and found himself cursed into the form of a frog. While the curse did not seem to last forever and he assumed it had simply warn off on its own, instead, he discovered that any time he encountered a beautiful woman who piqued his interest, he would once more become a frog until several hours or sometimes half a day had passed. The curse had the one-two punch of taking away one of his greatest joys in life and preying upon his greatest character flaw.

Percy spent quite some time wandering the world of Ga'leah trying to learn more about the nature of his curse and how it could be broken. His travels even saw him as far south as Zabier where he witnessed the death of Aristillus the Starmaker, a god who was killed by Percy's sister.

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