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 Belle DesRosiers

Belle DesRosiers

Canon Role

Belle DesRosiers
A Dreamer from Dokyrath

Portrayed By Emilie de Ravin

Created By: Reba
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Species: Human
Position: Inventor's Daughter
See Also:
Aeswick, MacGoffin Castle
Belle is the daughter of Maurice DesRosiers, a farmer and inventor from Aeswick. She is currently the ward/companion of Mordred, the secret son of Arthur Pendragon.

Early Life

Childhood in Aeswick

Belle DesRosiers is the daughter of Maurice DesRosiers and his wife, and was born on a small farm on the outer edges of Aeswick. She is the oldest of two children. Her younger sister, Rose, and her mother died when she was young of an unknown cause. Her father never told her if it was the Walking Starvation or something else. She was a precocious, albeit sheltered child. Her father watched over her closely, always making sure she never wandered far from the vicinity of the village. She was a curious child, always wanting to go just a little bit farther into the woods or stay out just a little bit past curfew. She would often bury herself in books, which she found to be her only escape from her stifling existence in the village.

The Blight

As she grew older, her father finally relented in letting her join the other village women to forage for anything edible. The Walking Starvation was creeping ever closer to Aeswick, but the town generally kept to themselves, and thus far hadn't been afflicted. It was an opportunity to help her father, but also a chance to explore. The often found herself staying out far later than she should, much to the chagrin of her father and the distaste of the rest of the village. The village found her and her father to be particularly odd. Belle was the only one in town who enjoyed reading, other than the town priest, who she befriended and borrowed from his personal library. She also occasionally helped her father tinker with his inventions, which the rest of the village deemed improper for a lady. She also was unmarried at quite a late age, rejecting the advances of the town hero, Gaston.

MacGoffin Castle


One day while out foraging, she wandered a bit father than she normally did and lost track of time. Finding herself lost in the dark woods, she eventually came across a large, cat-like creature, who beckoned her to follow him for shelter. This creature turned out to be Mordred, lord of MacGoffin Castle. With news of the Blight quickly approaching, Mordred refused to let her leave, partially for her own safety as well as his, but also deep down to cure the aching loneliness of being isolated in the crumbling palace. Frightened of him at first, she eventually came to grow fond of him and his castle staff, who were comprised of enchanted objects and furniture. Being the curious creature she is, she came to find out that Mordred had not always been a Beast, but that he was trapped in a cursed body. She learned he was the son of Morgana le Fay, a powerful sorceress. Despite his gruff exterior, he was quite gentle and shy, which she found endearing. When she wasn't keeping Mordred company, she was exploring the castle and researching ways to break the curse, for he refused to tell her how to break it.

Siege of MacGoffin

Her time, while sweet, was short-lived. The Blight had finally reached her corner of the world, and an army of Blighted sea creatures from Mauritanis raided the castle, leaving it in ruins. Mordred, Belle, and the staff barely escaped with their lives, scattering across the Yarrow. She followed Mordred, who vowed to take her to safety and to her father.

Journey to Caerleon

A Stop in Aeswick

Having escaped the ruins of MacGoffin, they headed for Aeswick, hoping to find her father. Instead, they found the village completely destroyed. However, Belle knew her father was a clever man, and found the secret cellar her father had built for inventing was relatively in tact. They stayed the night, gathering supplies and searching for some kind of sign that he was alive. Luckily, there was indeed a sign that her father had lived. She found a letter addressed to her, telling her to find him. Mordred, refusing to let her go alone, vowed to reunite her with her father, for he was part of the reason they were separated in the first place.

Journey Through the Yarrow

Gathering what little they could, they set out into the Yarrow, a dangerous route, but the only way to reach Caerleon. Belle surmised from their journey that Mordred had been there before, and had a history with its capital, but knew better to ask, instead focusing on the task at hand. After encountering Blighted wolves and being rescued once again by Mordred, she vowed to learn to fight. To be no longer be a damsel in distress. She learned from him to survive in the woods and on the road, finding herself growing ever closer to her companion as they continued to travel together. They currently have made it safely out of the Yarrow, and are approaching Caerleon.
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