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 House Nejem

House Nejem

Rulers of Solhara

House Nejem
He who has the gold makes the rules.

Sigil: A black field with two stacks of gold.
Words: He who has the gold makes the rules.
Kingdom: Solhara
Seat: Zabier
Title: Sultan
Current Lord: Formerly Shaharyar Nejem
Heir: Prince Nejem
Allegiance: The High Court
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House Nejem was the ruling family of Solhara. Known historically for their greed and military might, they have not always had the best of reputations with the other kingdoms, including the High Court.


The Nejems were one of many families in Solhara that were all jockeying or more money and power when the kingdom was first beginning to form. Unlike most of the other families, however, House Nejem possessed the strategy and the means to beg accruing the gold and land they coveted.

In time, many of the other tribes and families in Solhara either joined the Nejems voluntarily or were conquered. Those that attempted to flee to the south were also eventually subdued and conquered. Solhara had formed and was under the control of the greedy Nejem family.

The Nejems built Zabier as a show of their wealth and power using slave labor from individuals who would later call themselves, the Court of Miracles. They were termed gypsies by the Nejems as a slur.

Members of Note

Shaharyar Nejem(Deceased) - The former Sultan of Solhara, he went mad after his second wife was caught having an affair and was forced into a succession of marriages that all ended with the bride's execution. He remained behind in the Solharan Blight, refusing to leave his kingdom and died as a result.

Prince Nejem - Eldest son of the sultan and next in line for the throne, he has vanished from the public eye seeking a way to regain the faith of his people and claim his birthright.

Princess Jasmine Nejem - Daughter of the sultan, she is now in the Solharan sector of the Five Corners trying to avoid Jafar and his proposals of marriage while also attempting to find a way to help her people and serve the High Court as an emissary for Solhara.

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