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The Powhatan

An Ancient Tribe of Ga'leah

Although the Powhatan were once found exclusively in the Oasis, they were forced to relocate to Deepwood following the Blight.
The Powhatan are an ancient tribe of people who can trace their roots back to the early days of Ga'leah. They survived many efforts to exterminate them and steal their land, the Oasis, which was given to them by the Green Man himself. They even survived the Blight that devastated Solhara and escaped to Deepwood where the Druids welcomed them.


The Powhatan are unaffiliated with any government. Since relocating to Deepwood, they have joined the Druids in respecting the High Court and recognizing their authority over the Kingdom but maintain sovereignty over their own people and land.


The Powhatan are an ancient tribe of humans that settled Ga'leah in the early days of the human's creation. They are the oldest tribe of humans still in existence and practicing the same way of life they did in the earliest days of humanity. As a result, their reverence of nature and the gods is much more integral to their culture and daily life than for most other peoples of Ga'leah.

They were a sizeable tribe with a great deal of influence in the early days of Ga'leah, even being sought out to help the Xeharcans fight off the Dothics and conquer what would one day be called Xehacora.

They were also pursued to enter into a marriage contract with the early Solaran tribe. Unfortunately, the contract turned out to be a ploy to eliminate powerful rivals or the control of the Solharan countryside. Nearly the entire royal family was slaughtered with many other members of their tribe. Only two members of the royal family escaped, brothers. One sought out sanctuary in the Oasis where his prayers to the Green Man were answered and he and his people were given refuge and the promise that the Oasis would always be theirs. The other brother returned to the Xeharcans to help them fight.

The Powhatan remained in the Oasis despite many efforts from surrounding tribes and even the Solharan government to displace them. The Green Man's promise held true, however. None could take the Oasis from them, for it would not remain green if the Powhatan left.

Unfortunately, they were driven from their homes during the Solharan Blight and forced to take refuge in the colony of Deepwood in Caerleon with the Druids.


The Powhatan have a strong connection to nature and a devout belief in the gods. Their strongest connection is undoubtedly with the now deceased Green Man. Plants are used in nearly all of their religious services. Some hallucinogenic plants are used in pursuit of meditation and visions while others are utilized in sweat lodges to treat diseases and ease pain. Their close bond with nature has made their transition from the Oasis to Deepwood much easier. They share much in common with the Druids, even if they cannot perform magic.

Current Leader

Powhatan is the current leader of the Powhatan. Because he is the voice of the people, upon assuming the role of Chief he gave up his name and took the name of the tribe as his name. When he passes the title onto Kocoum, Kocoum will become Powhatan.

Members of Note

Joshua Strongbear Sweet - A half-skinwalker/half-powhatan healer recruited for the Virginia Company's expedition to steal the crystal rom Atlantis

Kocoum - A Powhatan warrior and the future chief.

Moana - A Powhatan who longed for adventure and sea and who was gifted with the Heart of Lyrielle by the Maritanis when the Blight subsided. .

Nakoma - A Powhatan woman and friend of Pocahontas. She is currently studying to be a Priestess of the Greenman.

Pocahontas - Chief Powhatan's daughter. Pocahontas is trying to end the violence with the Virginia Company has been invited to join Queen Gwenhwyfar at the Round Table as a representative of her people.

Powhatan - Chief of the Powhatan.

Tiger Lily - A Powhatan who has met and befriended Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

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