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A Kingdom of Ga'leah

A Kingdom of Ga'leah

Location:north western Ga'leah
Associated Canon Tales:Robin Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White
See Also:
House White, House Pendragon
Calladahn was once a peaceful, pastoral country of farmers, the source of much of the livestock and crops consumed by the people of Ga’leah. It’s fertile land of gently rolling foothills and vast fields with perfect farmland and pastures.


Calladahn is located in the north western area of Ga'leah. In the north, Calladahn is bordered by the magical forest known as the Yarrow. To the south lies the majestic and seldom scaled Hyadies. The kingdom maintained careful control of the Calladahnian side of the mountain pass, exacting great tolls on any who attempt to pass between Calladahn and Solhara through the mountains. The Maritanis sea lies to the east, while to the west can be found the capitol of Ga’leah, Caerleon, and the Zaffre River.


Calladahn was one of the first areas settled by the Humans after their creation with some of the ancient tribes settling in the land as early as 50 AH. The tribes of Calladahn, however, existed almost completely independently of one another for many generations until the Great Famine of 684 AH.

With the widespread death of much plant and later animal life, many feared starvation. It was not until the Thrinian family built a vast temple to the Green Man that any hope was found. The famine ended soon after the temple was completed and the people of Calladahn began religious pilgrimages to the temple in appreciation and worship of the God and his blessing. Calladahn soon found its calling as the center of agriculture for all of Ga'leah.

Francis Thrinian, the partiarch of the Thrinian family continued his family's efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom of Calladahn and made it his life's mission to unite the people under a single banner. Calladahn was the only ancient kingdom in Ga'leah to come together peacefully and without battle or bloodshed. Soon after the Green Man's blessing on the newly formed kingdom, there was seen in the great harvest of 721 AH, the most bountiful harvest the in the history of kingdom of Calladahn.

Dokyth Fever proved to be a terrible burden to the kingdom of Calladahn just as it was for much of Ga'leah. Francis Thrinian was made lame and his family was forever altered as his wife went mad and four of his six children died. In the face of the disease's aftermath, Francis abdicated the throne to his children and chose instead to live the life of a priest to the Green Man.

Despite the plagues which wracked the kingdom, the Thrinian family persisted, as did their citizens. Hundreds of years passed without any remarkable events occurring, and Ga'leah's most peaceful kingdom slowly began to thrive, with rich farmlands and fine livestock. It wasn't until the mid nineteenth century that anything of note occured.

In the 1800s, Calladahn was wracked with civil war, stirred up mainly by a prominent noble family seeking more and more power within the kingdom. The Pendragons were met with stiff opposition by the royal family, as well as many of the citizens who had not experienced such bloody fighting for some time. There were a few decades of uneasy peace between the Pendragons and the rest of Calladahn during the rise of Eleanor Pendragon, who quietly controlled half of the kingdom while still more or less answering to the royals of Thrine. From 1850-1892 Eleanor established trade routes in and out of the kingdom, as well as between her half of the kingdom and that which was controlled by the Thrinians in Thrine. However, when her son Aren Pendragon rose to power, the fighting began again, and in 1900 AH, he executed the royal family and took control of the kingdom. His rule was brief however, lasting only three years before he was overthrown by rebellion and assassinated. However, unable to find a new ruling family, Calladahn slowly became more and more chaotic, until Alexander Pendragon rose to the challenge of reasserting Pendragon rule and carefully established his family as leaders in the city of Thrine. While Alexander was well received for his kindness and the fact that he was able to reclaim the kingdom for his family with so little bloodshed, he only stayed in power from 1910-1925 AH, and in the last five years his rule began to weaken. When his son Uther took over, he actually went through the motions of crowning himself King and making it official.

House White was placed into power as the King of Calladahn after Uther Pendragon declared himself High King of Ga'leah. Although Hugh White was not a wise man, his wife was a woman of great compassion and intelligence who helped him to rule until his death. Knowing their king lacked the ability to lead on his own, a new Queen was sought by advisors and selected for the King based upon what they believed was her ability to rule.

After the tragic death of the King, the new Queen took over the day to day rule of the country until the young princess was of age to claim her birthright. Although the Queen pretended to be kind and just, many of the citizens of Calladahn questioned her methods. She placed nobility in charge of vast sections of Calladahn, taking a cut of the livestock and crops without making payment to fill the royal larders. Still, she had to maintain the trust of the High King, so her actions against the people were subtle and not as terrible as many believed they might have been.

The loss of the princess came as a great blow to the people of Calladahn, many of whom believed that her death was not accidental. Though many sought the High King’s intercession, no true evidence of murder could be brought forth and their fear of the Queen was not enough to keep the people of Calladahn from succeeding in garnering the High King's help against the Queen for the outright murder of her stepdaughter.

The Blight

When the High King fell and his power was no longer felt in the kingdom of Calladahn alongside the arrival of the Blight, the Queen took drastic measures. Thrine, the capitol of Calladahn, was placed under strict martial law. The gates were closed, the walls patrolled, and none who did not serve a purpose or swear their undying fealty to the Queen were permitted entrance.

The Walking Starvation spread throughout the countryside and small settlements like the town of Wyldgate were left to fend for themselves. Although many managed to survive for some time, ultimately they all fell either to the assault of the Ocean Blight and the creatures it awoke from the Realm of Monsters, or to the Yarrow Blight and the Horseman of Famine that ravaged the countryside until vanquished.

The kingdom of Calladahn is largely abandoned now with only a few brave souls attempting to recolonize areas in or around Wyldgate. With the strong presence of the hauntings in all areas that were once Blighted, activity in Calladahn is left only for the brave or foolish.

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