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 Rapunzel's Tower

The Tower

Rapunzel's Prison.

The Tower
Rapunzel's Prison

Location:Extreme northern Caerleon near Dokrayth
Associated Canon Tales:Dracula, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood
See Also:
Grail Maidens, Rapunzel
The Tower is a large stone tower constructed with magic in which Rapunzel was housed for a number of years after she was taken from her parents. Protected by numerous enchantments, it is very difficult to find and impossible to traverse without the use of magic or Rapunzel's once long hair. It has been abandoned since the Lady of the Lake nearly killed Rapunzel to save her adoptive son, Lancelot.


The Tower is located in northern Caerleon near the border with Dokrayth. it is concealed within the outer edge of the Yarrow and is incredibly difficult to find without the use of magic. Although the Sea of Lyrielle did not exist at the time, it is now also within a short distance from the Sea and the Merkind.


No one knows where or when the Tower came into being. It was constructed entirely using magic and therefore took little to no time to build. It is also so carefully concealed that few have ever encountered it within the Yarrow save the youngest prince of Xehacora, Morgana, and the Lady of the Lake.

With the abduction and near death of Rapunzel at the Lady of the Lake's hands, the tower is now abandoned.

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