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 Snow Queen

Snow Queen

A Canon Tale of Solhara

Snow Queen
A Fairy Tale

Characters:Anna, Elsa, Gerda Frost, Hans, Jack Frost, Kai Hofferson, Kristoff Frost
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Snow Queen is best recognized as a fairy tale transcribed by Hans Christian Anderson and was the loose basis for the very successful Disney cartoon, Frozen.

Once Upon a Nightmare chose to combine elements of the original fairy tale with the Disney cartoon while also combining it with How to Train Your Dragon to give the tale and the characters maximum interaction.

Canon Tale

Once, long ago, the Green Man was weary with the seasons and did not wish to strip the green from his beloved trees just to watch them bloom again in a few month's time. To ease his burden, the Source created the Seasons, the first Four Fae, that would help him by taking responsibility for the passing of the seasons. As more Fae were created and new generations of Fae were born, the Seasons became enamored with their own power and began to believe themselves better than the gods. They spearheaded a war against the gods but ultimately lost and were punished dearly. The Green Man hunted down the four fae he had favored and sought to strip them of their powers. He only found three of the four seasons. These three were stripped of their power with only a weak remnant of their original magic remaining. Winter, however, had eluded the Greenman. He remained hidden when the other fae were banished to Allutheria.

Soon, Humans were created and allowed to populate the world. Thinking he was safe, Winter came out of hiding, but Greenman had not stopped searching for him and it was only a matter of time until he found Winter. So, in order to protect himself, the Fae transferred his powers over winter into a newborn human babe. The child’s hair turned from black to white, her brown eyes became crystal blue, and her skin pale as winter snow. The spirit of Winter disappeared and hoped to bide his time till he could take his power back.

Elsa, the girl who had given his powers grew and with her so did her power. The abilities she had, though, were frightening. She had no idea what they were or how to use them. Many of the villagers feared her and spoke of her as a monster. Her little sister, Anna, was the only friend she had, until one day Elsa hurt her by accident. Elsa fled the village she lived in and was not seen again for years. Anna grew up looking for her sister and trying to find where she went, but the years dragged on and Anna was unable to find her. When she finally found her in the frozen wastes of the peaks of the Hyadies, Elsa accidentally froze her in a fit of temper. There Anna remained in the ice as centuries passed. It was not until after the Blight until Hans, a man who had become much more in the dragon rebirth, found the girl frozen in ice and set about freeing her.

Centuries upon centuries have passed since Anna last lived. Her town of Berkendell was victimized by the first dragons who, after their creator gave up his godhood willingly to give his sister a chance at revenge, could no longer control their destructive nature. Though the people of Berkendell learned how to kill a dragon, a skill few people have, they also lost a great deal to the dragon's nearly rabid fury. Over the generations that followed, the people of Berkendell were taught to respect the gods but never expect them to save them. The people of Berkendell were always, first and foremost, self suffcient. So, when the dragons were reborn at the end of the Blight, they were ready to do whatever needed to be done. All except a boy named Hiccup whose encounter with a dragon left him believing that these new dragons were not the monsters their forefathers had been and that death may not be the only use for them.

Meanwhile, the spirit of Winter has managed to regain some of his skill with ice and snow from years of practice and has sought out Elsa in an attempt to kill her and regain his powers. Kai, brother of Astrid, fell victim to a broken magical artifact, a mirror, found in a cave in the mountains. The mirror, before it was broken, was only able to reflect darkness and evil. A shard of the glass became trapped in Kai’s eyes making him blind to all the good in the world. Gerda a young girl near Kai’s age and his best friend has since taken it upon herself to find Kai with the help of her estranged brother, Kristoff.



  • Anna - Elsa's younger sister who was frozen by Elsa accidentally and has remained on ice for almost two thousand years before being found by Hans.
  • Elsa - The woman given the gift of Winter's fae powers as an infant, she has punished herself for Anna's fate for nearly two thousand years.
  • Gerda Frost - Jack Frost and Kristoff's little sister, she is a mountain guide desperate to discover her friend Kai's fate.
  • Hans - A man from Xehacora who was marked by Dagon the Reckoner and has now been taken over by a Dragon.
  • Jack Frost - Former fae of winter who fled his punishment after the War with the Gods and bestowed his gifts on a human girl only to return two thousand years later intent on getting them back.
  • Kai Hofferson - Older brother of Astrid, he was cursed when he came into contact with the broken shards of a magical mirror.
  • Kristoff Frost - Jack's younger brother and Gerda's older brother, he is trying to aid Gerda in finding her lost friend.


Snow Queen is still being explored on OUAN.


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How to Train Your Dragon - Kai, Gerda, Anna, and Elsa all hail from Berkendell. Hans is also a dragon.

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