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A Lost Empire of Allutheria

A Lost Empire of Allutheria

Location:Underwater in Allutheria somewhere
Associated Canon Tales:Atlantis, The Pantheon
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Atlantis is the oldest location in Allutheria. It predates the world itself having been magically relocated to Allutheria at the time of the world's creation from its original place in Ga'leah. It is the home of the Atlanteans, now known as Selkies, and was a hidden empire unknown to even most of the Fae themselves until the Virginia Company of Solhara ventured into Allutheria to steal the magical artifact that allowed them exist below the Allutherian sea. Now, the land of Atlantis has been flooded and abandoned, the Selkies scattered to the waves.


Atlantis located in the Allutheria sea to the east of the continent of Allutheria. Very few of the Fae even knew that it existed nor had any reason to venture into the sea itself in search of it. For the most part, the Atlanteans existed in secrecy with little interaction with the Fae until the arrival of the Virginia Company. In fact, most Fae believed that Atlantis and every Fae in it had been killed by the Coming Tide at the end of the war.


Atlantis was the island settlement of the Fae who worshiped Lyrielle the Coming Tide before the War with the Gods. Although they originally promised to be loyal to the goddess and not fight against her, they were eventually convinced by other Fae that the gods were losing the war. Anxious to be on the winning side, the King of the Atlanteans gathered all of their power into a crystal to use to combat the magic of the gods. Instead, Lyrielle discovered their treachery before they could use it and cursed them.

When the Fae were expelled to Allutheria, Lyrielle not only forced the Atlanteans into Allutheria, but sent their island of Atlantis with them.

The Atlanteas soon learned that the curse inflicted upon them made them incredibly vulnerable to others. To prevent themselves from being enslaved by their fellow Fae, the Atlanteas used the magic in the crystal they still possessed to sink their kingdom beneath the Allutherian sea where they hoped the Fae would never find it. The magic of the crystal was sufficient to keep the ocean at bay and give them a home safe from the other residents of Allutheria.

Sadly, the tale of Atlantis continued to be told and studied by humans long after the Fae had been interred in their prison. One scholar, Milo Thatch, believed he knew what happened to the island that neither man nor fae had ever found. The Virginia Company hired him to lead them to the settlement where they stole the magic crystal and flooded the island of Atlantis. It is now abandoned and uninhabitable.


Atlantis was not directly impacted by the Blight. Instead, it was an expedition to find the lost empire and confiscate their magic that saw the empire's ultimate destruction. The Virginia Company used scholar Milo Thatch to find the empire and steal the magic crystal that sustained them. With the crystal gone, the kingdom was no longer protected and flooded with ocean water. Those Atlanteans that escaped were forced to seek shelter in Allutheria or escape to Ga'leah. They are equally vulnerable to their Selkie curse in both locations, however.
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