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 The Shifting Silvers

Shifting Silvers

Magical Transportation within Ga'leah

After the High King united the Kingdoms of Ga'leah, the need for quick travel between them was determined vital to the success of the peace. To reward them for the strides they had made towards unification, the Forebearer, God of Time, created several objects of power and gifted them to each of the Kingdoms of Ga’leah. The were called, the Shifting Silvers.

The Shifting Silvers are large gilded mirrors placed in every Temple to the Forebearer. Large enough for a man to walk through, it is possible to use the Shifting Silvers as a nearly instantaneous portal between all human lands. Some of them are even large enough to drive a small cart through. Until the Blight, they were accessible through any Temple to the Forebearer with merely a small offering to the Temple. However, as the Walking Starvation and the Blight spread between the kingdoms, travel between the Shifting Silvers became more complicated.

Besides the Shifting Silvers, some travel between Kingdoms was and is possible. Before the Blight, it was common to move between Kingdoms and most individuals would have an equal chance of encountering one another. After the Blight, the chance of encountering another citizen of Ga'leah have increased exponentially due to the small nature of the inhabitable land and the mass evacuations that took place during the plague.


The Shifting Silvers of Caerleon are still operational. City and kingdom guards patrol the Silvers and from time to time question anyone who arouses their suspicion, but at the present time there is no reason why individuals would feel unsafe or unwilling to use the Shifting Silvers of Caerleon.

There are complete sets of Shifting Silvers in the city of Caerleon outside the palace, outside the druid settlement of Deepwood, and in the diplomatic Five Corners area of Caerleon.


Similar to the state of Dokrayth, the Shifting Silvers in Calladahn are considered a gamble that many do not wish to take due to the havoc wrought by the Blight. However, attempts to recolonize the town of Wyldgate have brought with them a fully functioning set of Shifting Silvers that will provide anyone willing to brave the haunted Wastes a quick and easy way to the now abandoned town.


The Shifting Silvers in Dokrayth were feared destroyed by the Blight after the fall of the kingdom. Many still fear attempting to travel through them to most locations, including the capital city, worried that they could buried beneath rubble or shattered beyond repair rendering the unlucky traveler lost between Silvers forever. Brave explorers have confirmed that the Shifting Silvers within the burned out ruins of Aeswick are still standing and operational, however no other Shifting Silvers have yet been recovered or unearthed in Dokrayth.


The Maritanis has only one set of Shifting Silvers located on the Sanctuary, a magical island in the middle of the sea where peace is enforced through heavy magic and where some trade once existed between the Merkind and Humanity. Although the Sanctuary was damaged in the Blight, the Silvers there remain intact and completely functional.


While the Shifting Silvers of Zabier and the Oasis are considered unsafe due to the destruction of the Blight, there is a set of Shifting Silvers in the mountain town of Berkendell as well as a set that remains uncovered and unbroken in the Black Sands.


Although not directly affected by the Blight, Xehacora's Shifting Silvers are nonetheless a dangerous method or transportation. With distaste for magic and the gods growing in the months since the Blight ended, the Shifting Silvers in Fynnon have been covered and locked away to prevent their use. Some Shifting Silvers still remain operational in the town of Bellazmar, but how long they will remain active no one knows.
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