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Travel between Ga'leah and allutheria

After the War with the Fae, the gods exiled the Fae to their own realm where they would be their own lords and would be forced to live together without the benefit of the gods. The world of Allutheria was intended to be a prison from which the Fae would never escape, but over time some portals between Ga’leah and Allutheria have opened. This has allowed limited travel between the two worlds.

The nature of the portals including their size, moment of origin, and locations in either realm are clearly defined. There are no other portals besides the ones outlined below, and the portals can only be used in the way explained without exception.

Although it is possible for the gods to travel to Allutheria whenever they wish from wherever they wish, it is widely understood that doing so would not be tolerated by the council who agreed by majority to leave the Fae to rot in their prison.


The first portal between Allutheria and Ga’leah, it was originally discovered by one of the founding members of the Order o Fate, Etain. The Pantheon was aware of the breach but chose not to repair it, so long as Etain and the Order of Fate policed the portal properly.

Until very recently, Affalohn was truly the only reliable way to travel between the realms and required the faith or bribery of Affalohn to do so. While Fae could move back and forth between realms, humans could not

The Order of Fate maintains sentries on both sides of the portal, though a settlement can really only be found on the Ga’leahan side of the passage.


The portal on the Maritanis opened shortly before the Ocean Blight about seven months ago. The portal itself is located several miles from the shore of Ga’leah and is barely distinguishable from the water around it. The only way to be sure that one has found it, is to look for the reflection in the water. The portal will have an extra, very bright star within the water that does not exist in the sky of Ga’leah. It does, however, exist in the sky of Allutheria.

This causes some to refer to this portal as the ‘First Star.’ In order to pass through this portal, contact with the water must be achieved. It is large enough for a entire ship to pass through and exits into the Allutherian sea on the opposite side. From the Allutherian side, the portal is only accessible by the absence of the the same star’s reflection in the water of that particular area.


The Neverwood portal in the early months of the Blight around the time of the fall of Dokrayth. It was nestled deep in the trees of the Neverwood Forest and proved to be the origin of a Blighted infection of the fairy woodlands. Although not all of Neverwood was Blighted, the southern portions nearest the portal fell to the Blight. The portal itself is still operational, but is located at the heart of the now haunted woodlands.

Similarly, the Neverwood portal opens into the Yarrow of Ga’leah. The Yarrow was completely decimated by the Blight, and as a result is now haunted by the souls of those who were infected. The Neverwood portal is a very dangerous one to use, but is the most easily accessible on both sides of the passage.


Also known as Tara’s Door, this portal is found in the Tianshang Guo provinces of Solhara and is largely unguarded due to the nature of the portal. Second only to the Affalohn portal in terms of age, the Shangri-La Portal has been open and in use for many human generations.

Until the Solharan Blight, the Shangri-La Portal would not allow anything human to pass through. However, with the assault of the Blight and the dire need for evacuations, the restrictions were lifted and some humans found their way into Shangri-La.

Although Fae could move freely through the portal, most chose not to because of Shangri-La’s inescapable Three-Fold law. Any acts committed in Ga’leah after passing through the portal were still subject to the same Three-Fold law—any good or bad you inflict directly upon another will return to you Three-Fold. Similarly, humans who enter Shangri-La from Tianshang Guo would find themselves similarly bound within the Jinn city.


There is also a much less commonly recognized portal open in the sky above Allutheria. Best visible at night, it is most commonly referred to the ‘Second Star’ and is found by locating a new star that appeared and disrupted a constellation in the sky above Allutheria. One must fly through it to travel between the realms, and they will find themselves similarly in the sky above Ga’leah (more specifically in the sky above Deepwood in Caerleon.)

This is the newest portal, opening just days after the Blight had been defeated in both realms.

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