Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

The OUAN Site Wiki is a labor of love created by the current members of OUAN for the future members of OUAN. Our goal is to make the canon history of our site as easy to peruse and learn as possible for those of you who wish to join our family. Within you can find everything from species to characters to members to canon tales and so much more.

WE ARE IN BETA TESTING RIGHT NOW. ALTHOUGH 99% OF THE WIKI IS DONE, WE ARE STILL IN THE PROCESS OF FACT CHECKING, PROOFREADING, AND COMPLETING A FEW EXTRA PAGES AS WE REALIZE THAT WE NEED TO MAKE THEM. Please excuse our mess. If you find empty pages, we are working on filling them post haste. If you find conflicting information, we are working on making our facts align across pages and we would be happy to tell you which piece of conflicting information is correct. We apologize for any confusion, with luck Beta Testing will be over the and the Wiki will be 100% done shortly.


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fae bae

he/him or they/them

Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a day. Set a man afire, keep him warm for the rest of his life. ~ Terry Pratchett.

Timezone: EST (UTC-5:00) (or EDT for Daylight Savings time)
Contact: Skype @wrennymellon
Discord @felix#4501
PM here
Age: 19--almost 20.
Aeshma | Pied Piper
Hey there! I'm Felix, and at the moment I only play Aeshma, based on the Pied Piper. I love to plot relationships with my characters, ranging from friendship to romance to enemies--lots of those--and OUAN is really the place I come to let my creativity run wild. I'v always loved fantasy and fairy tales, especially the darker sides, but I've never delved much into writing it, only reading it, until I found this place! So here I am, with a villain to my name and more muse than I know what to do with!

Comfort Zones


With violence, I can handle reading or writing anything so long as it is not being committed on a child. If there is harm to a child, physically, because it is in character for Aeshma (so long as it is a human child) to hurt them, kidnap them, etc.-- I would like to talk about it before hand and likely leave some of the worse bits vague.


I can do anything so long as it doesn't involve underage characters. Like--if it's for a plot, I will NOT find it offensive or uncomfortable so long as it's between adults. Aeshma personally isn't always super into sex though so it's probably not going to be a big thing for him.


Types of plots

What I love are plots open to change. Because characters change. I love the idea of improvised character actions changing the course of fate. Basically--except in rare occasions, I don't enjoy making plots with a very strict timeline and endgoal for like--interpersonal relationships. For big character plot arcs like what might happen overall on the site is one thing, but I need some flexibility for my character to make his own decisions.

That being said, I also love hearing any and all ideas. I'm a bit shy, actually--so if you make the first move plotting with me, I'll be really grateful.

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