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 Zoology of Allutheria

Zoology of the Allutheria

Animals of the Fae

Before the Blight, the creatures of Allutheria were created exclusively by the Fae. They are, in many ways, more fanciful representations of creatures they once interacted with in Ga'leah before their exile, although some are solely a creation of Allutheria.

The creatures of Allutheria were indirectly affected by the Blight. The Blight never focused its considerable power upon Allutheria, so although there were isolated outbreaks of the plague in the world of the Fae, there were no great numbers of creatures lost.

However, the portals to Allutheria allowed creatures from the Yarrow and the Maritanis to find shelter in Allutheria as the Blight was attacking their homes. For this reason, there are a small number of creatures native to both the Yarrow and the Maritanis roaming the world of Allutheria.

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