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 The War with the Fae

The War with the Fae

The War with the Fae, sometimes referred to as the Great War or the War with the Gods, was a war which took place roughly two thousand years after the Fae's initial creation. It began with the growing arrogance of the Seasonal Fae who believed that their own powers and proficiency with said powers made them akin to the gods themselves.

Spreading their arrogance amongst the Fae with derisive feelings towards the gods and the manner in which they treated their children, the Fae, soon enough the Seasons had gathered a vast number of supporters amongst the Fae and hostilities turned into a full scale war.

Weapons of War

The Black Cauldron

Created by the Fae during the war, it was crafted using the sacrifice of multiple Fae sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly. It is even rumored by some that a god was sacrificed as well, though this could easily be nothing more than exaggeration. The Cauldron was created to amplify enchantment using all of the magic sacrificed to create it. The Fae believed that it would allow them to destroy the gods completely, but the weapon was confiscated by the gods before it could be adequately tested.

The Berserkers

Created by the Huntress, the Berserker curse transformed those infected into great bears whenever they were angered. These bears were then controlled by the Huntress as foot soldiers. In such a manner, she was able to transform small groups within the Fae forces and force them to slaughter their friends and family or be slaughtered in an attempt to stop them. The Huntress believed she killed all those infected at the end of the war, but Mor'du escaped.

Conscientious Objection

The Elementals

The Elemental Fae attempted to remain out of the fighting for much of the war. By the end of the war, however, they were convinced to join in the battles. When the Fae lost, three of the four Elementals fled exile and were able to escape the Green Man before being forced to take drastic measures to remain out of Allutheria.

The Atlanteans

The Atlanteans, too, believed that they could remain impartial and refuse to take sides. It was not until they were convinced towards the end of the war that the Fae were going to win and that they would be punished, that they joined the battle. They pooled their magic together into a great crystal to use as a weapon against the gods. Unfortunately, their plans were discovered by the Coming Tide and they were cursed for their treachery.

The Jinn

The Jinn were one of the only groups who unquestionably sided with the gods in the conflict. For their betrayal, the Fae exacted terrible revenge upon the Jinn, creating weapons to imprison and enslave them. When the Fae lost the war, the Jinn were not spared and were instead forced into Allutheria with their kind. To avoid the aggression of the Fae, the Jinn recreated their Ga'leahan home of Shangri-La in Allutheria and instituted a Three-Fold Law that caused any harmful or desirable action taken within the city to return to the indivudal Three-Fold. This effectively halted the Fae's attempts for revenge.


Dalben - Dalben was the High Priest of Aethanryke and a personal friend of the God of Time. He did not take part in the war and did not take up arms against the gods. Though he was exiled to Allutheria, he has kept to himself in Neverwood forest for the last 2,000 years.

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