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 Cave of Wonders

The Cave of Wonders

The Ancient Realm of Shangri-La

The Cave of Wonders
The Ancient Realm of Shangri-La

Location:Under the Black Sands
Associated Canon Tales:Aladdin, 1001 Arabian Nights
See Also:
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The Cave of Wonders is the ancient home of the Jinn, Tara, and all other fae that lived in Solhara prior to the War of the Fae. The fae that lived in Solhara were very greedy and lived luxurious decadent lives. They horded gold, gems, spices, silk, and especially knowledge. Many of the fae practiced and studied celestial magic. The land was a hub of spirituality, philosophy, and the study of how far magic could go.


All of Solhara had been the original Shangri-La, but the main hub and center of wealth was the city that is now known as the Cave of Wonders. It is located underneath the Black Sands.


The Cave of Wonders was once a large wealthy city that was home to many fae. The streets were paved with gold and ivory and the buildings towered high overhead. It was a fantastical place and many fae boasted it was even more beautiful than Caelum the realm of the gods. Such arrogance lead to many fae within the city to join in the War of the Fae and fight alongside their fae brethren. They developed magical weaponry, enchanted objects, and funded many other fae armies with their gold.

As punishment for their arrogance and rebellion the gods destroyed their city burying it underneath the sand. All that wealth, all those glorious structures, were destroyed within a moment. One Jinn was left behind in the city still locked in his lamp. No one knows why he stayed or if he stayed of his own free will, but legend says that when one worthy of such wealth appears (the diamond in the rough) only he will be able to find and enter the Cave of Wonders. Many people seek the city for various reasons. Some seek it for the wealth, others seek it for intellectual purposes, but two families in particular seek it for the Jinn.

Extra Stuff

The Cave of Wonders is currently sought by House Nejem and House Nudara (a gypsy family). Aladdin is the diamond in the rough, but is unaware of this fact.
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