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 House DunBroch

House DunBroch

Lord of Dokrayth

House DunBroch
Fate Favors the Fearless

Sigil: A green and maroon checkered field with a bow and bear on the green squares.
Words: Fate Favors the Fearless
Kingdom: Dokrayth
Seat: DunBroch
Title: Lord/Laird
Current Lord: Fergus DunBroch
Heir: Hamish DunBroch
Allegiance: House Vaculain, High Court
See Also:
Berserkers, Brave, Goldilocks
House DunBroch is an ancient family with a long history in the kingdom of Dokrayth. Unlike most noble families who lost their homes in the Blight, the fate of the DunBroch family occurred before the plague and is still the subject of legend and mystery in much of the land of Ga'leah.


House DunBroch was a very old family in Dokrayth whose roots could be traced back through much of the kingdom's history, though they never attempted to wrest control of the kingdom for themselves.

The DunBroch family had recently become the subject of ghost stories and legends shortly before the Blight swept through Dokrayth and consumed everyone's thoughts and fears. For reasons unknown to anyone in Dokrayth, the DunBroch family seemingly vanished overnight. Some blame magic, some think it was an early instance of the Blight, while others claim that Fergus DunBroch killed his family in a rage.

Unbeknownst to any of them, Fergus DunBroch was infected by the Berserker curse when he ran afoul of the newly awaked Mor'Du. He went on to accidentally infect his eldest son who then infected his wife. In an effort to spare his other children, the infected members of the DunBroch family fled to the Yarrow in Calldahn leaving the remaining two triplets and daughter to fend for themselves. The family would eventually find allies in the Merry Men where Fergus DunBroch's alias of John Little would be used to spawn the nickname, Little John. Each of the remaining triplets also found purpose, one in the Knights of the Round Table as 'Sir Bors' and one as a Musketeer called 'Porthos.' Merida, on the other hand, set out to find her family and discover what had truly befallen them.

Members of Note

Elinor DunBroch - Fergus' wife and the mother of Merida and the triplets, she was infected with the Berserker curse by her son after the three fled their home in Dokrayth and left behind their daughter and two other sons.

Fergus DunBroch -Elinor's husband and the father of Merida and the triplets, he was infected with the Berserker cure by Mor'Du shortly before he, his wife and son were forced to flee their ancestral home.

Merida DunBroch - Youngest child and only daughter of House DunBroch, Merida was abandoned when her family was infected by the Berserker curse and she attempted to escape an impending arranged marriage. She is now desperately seeking any information about her missing family.

Hamish DunBroch - The oldest triplet son of the DunBroch family who was infected by the Berserker curse by his father shortly after encountering Mor'Du.

Harris DunBroch -The middle triplet son of the DunBroch family who was abandoned when his parents were infected by the Berserker curse. He is now using the name Sir Bors and has become a well known Knight of the Round Table.

Hubert DunBroch -The youngest triplet son of the DunBroch family who was abandoned when his parents were infected by the Berserker curse. He is now using the name Porthos and has become a well known member of the Musketeers

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