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 The Oasis, Home of the Powhatans

The Oasis

Home of the Powhatans

The Oasis
Home of the Powhatans

Location:Southern Solhara
Associated Canon Tales:Pocahontas
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The Oasis was a tropical paradise located in the southern areas of Solhara in some of the most arid desert of the kingdom. It was originally created by the Green Man and was later given to the Powhatan as their home. Legend says that the Oasis would die if the Powhatan were ever driven away from their home. When the Powhatan were forced to flee their home with the Blight, the Oasis did, in fact, die.


The Oasis is found in southern Solhara in some of the most desolate and arid areas of the desert. It is closest to the Black Sands but is within a somewhat treacherous but short distance to the eastern villages of Tienshang Guo. It is a significant distance for Zabier.


The Oasis was created by the Green Man as a gesture to the Elemental Fae Gaia. After the great war, Gaia attempted to escape the wrath of the gods and avoid imprisonment in Allutheria. For a time, Gaia escaped the Green Man who was hunting her siblings down. She was able to plant many trees throughout Ga'leah including those that would later become dryads while also etching magic into stones in an area that would one day be known as Deepwood. She could not escape the Green Man forever, however. He caught up to her in Solhara where, in a last ditch effort to escape, she turned herself into a willow tree and created a small oasis in the desert. Green Man had seen all that she had attempted to do to make amends for her sins during the war, and spared her life. Though she remained a willow, he created the Oasis around her and enchanted it with magic to make it the most lush and beautiful plot of land in all of Solhara.

It was not originally inhabited by anyone, but after the Powhatan were betrayed and the royal family was all but eliminated, the Green Man allowed them to make a home in the Oasis. He even decreed that the land of the Oasis belonged to the Powhatan and would only remain green as long as the Powhatan lived there.


During the Blight, the Oasis was attacked by the Ocean Blight but the High King and Queen were able to help the Powhatan fight off the menace and save the land. Sadly, the Powhatan were not able to fight off the Dragon as the Solharan Blight consumed all. Instead, they escaped through the Shifting Silvers to Caerleon where they were welcomed into Deepwood with the Dryads.

As a final act before Green Man's death, he gave Gaia, now called Grandmother Willow by the Powhatan, the ability to once more assume her Fae form and flee with the Powhatan.

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