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 Zabier, The Capital of Solhara


The Capital of Solhara

The Capital of Solhara

Location:Northern Solhara near the Hyadies
Associated Canon Tales:Aladdin, 1001 Arabian Nights, Sleeping Beauty
See Also:
Solhara, Aladdin, 1001 Arabian Nights, Sleeping Beauty, Djinn, the Black Sands,
Zabier is the capital city of Solhara. The city was built by the Nejem family to be their seat and it was designed to be a show of power to all the other tribes.


Zabier is located in the Northern part of Solhara near the Hyadies. All major trade routes connect at Zabier making it not only the capital, but a major trade city.


After House Nejem conquered Solhara and its many tribes they chose to build a city in order to further consolidate and solidify their power. The territory they chose to build their city in was closer to the Hyadies and had more vegetation than other areas. Here they set about first just making a settlement. Slowly the family began making their plans to build the city. Plans were drawn and redrawn for almost a decade with very little progress being made. Finally Hassan Nejem became the sultan and he along with his clever Sultana Bahira designed a massive castle and city to surround it. They used their wealth to hire the best stone masons and builders to oversee the project.

Slaves were bought from central Ga'leah to join the enslaved tribes in building this monument to the Nejem family. The city took 60 years to complete. Hassan's son Azzam was the first family to live in the castle. It was upon it's completion that Azzam finally married his long-time lover legitimizing their children.

Extra Stuff

Zabier's houses quite a few color characters. It is a city that is highly polarized with the rich living luxuriously and the poor living in destitution. The middle class is made of mainly merchants that don't stay long in the city. House Nejem does everything in its power to hide the extreme poverty found in the lower rings of the city.
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