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WE ARE IN BETA TESTING RIGHT NOW. ALTHOUGH 99% OF THE WIKI IS DONE, WE ARE STILL IN THE PROCESS OF FACT CHECKING, PROOFREADING, AND COMPLETING A FEW EXTRA PAGES AS WE REALIZE THAT WE NEED TO MAKE THEM. Please excuse our mess. If you find empty pages, we are working on filling them post haste. If you find conflicting information, we are working on making our facts align across pages and we would be happy to tell you which piece of conflicting information is correct. We apologize for any confusion, with luck Beta Testing will be over the and the Wiki will be 100% done shortly.


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To Become a God

Olwyn The Source was the first being in creation, an entity forged of the Essence from which all Life sprang and imbued with the ability to use the Essence to create more life. The first being she crafted was Aethanryke, and with his creation Time itself came into being. Slowly, Aethanryke and Olwyn set about creating eleven more gods who would later form the Council of Twelve alongside Aethanryke.

Still more gods followed, termed Minor Gods because they came after the original surge of creation and when the world of Ga'leah had already begun to take shape. In the beginning, all of the gods worked together to create the world they would call home, but fighting and minor scuffles soon arose as gods attempted to tamper with another god's creation. To avoid such altercations in the future, Aethanryke and Olwyn decreed that each god would claim a domain of their own, one over which they alone would hold sway and in which no other god could interfere.

The Law of the Pantheon

"To each their own." - The Law of the Pantheon
There is only one law that governs the gods, 'to each their own'. A God can only work within their own sphere of influence and can never step outside of their own domain. Few, if any, instances of exception have been known to exist.

In the beginning, as Ga'leah was taking shape, the gods were told to select a domain in which they would have absolute control. Each god, in turn, chose a divinity and agreed that they would only affect the world within the realm of this chosen godhood.

As the world grew and changed and developed, so too did some of the godhoods that had been chosen. Aethanryke became not simply the god of time, but also the god of travel and crossroads as well as the god memory. The Matchmaker became not simply the goddess of love but of marriage, fertility, and childbirth as well. The same law continued to hold true, however, no god could interfere in the domain of another. Only once was this law ever broken, and it bore a terrible consequence that saw the Goddess of Mercy stripped of her godhood and immortality and left to die among the mortals.


Following the destruction of the Blight, Aethanryke came into possession of those Godhoods believed lost in the Fall of Caelum and the Blight. He and the other remaining gods then set about searching all of Ga'leah for those individuals who are worthy of joining the Pantheon as one of the Gods. These individuals, were decided, must have an affinity for the Godhood in question. They must be unafraid to voice their own opinions, even if they are not the opinions of the majority, and they must be someone that Aethanryke and the Pantheon would deem trustworthy enough to join their ranks.

Only characters that have been in play for some time will be considered to take one of the reclaimed Godhoods, and only then if they meet the criteria above. The reclaimed Godhoods do not need to be filled immediately but will be carefully guarded by Aethanryke until suitable replacements have been found.

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