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A Kingdom of Ga'leah

A Kingdom of Ga'leah

Location:Southwestern Ga'leah
Associated Canon Tales: Aladdin, How to Train Your Dragon, Jungle Book, Mulan, Snow Queen, Spirited Away
See Also:
The Black Sands, The Cave of Wonders, The Oasis, Tienshang Guo, Zabier
Solhara stretches from the western side of the Hyadies Mountains to Mahrielle. Warm temperatures and underground rivers have created a vast desert where life is often a struggle. Nonetheless, many nomadic tribes call the arid country home.

A handful of oases can be found where the underground rivers come above ground for short stretches. These oases are often the cause of battles over ownership of their life sustaining resources. The largest oases in Solhara was one created by the Green Man for the Powhatan people and the oasis claimed by the Fa family. Unfortunately, both of these Oasis was lost to the Blight.

Solhara is known for providing two valuable exports to the rest of Ga’Leah. The first are the precious metals and gemstones they mine from the western side of the Hyadies Mountains and the labyrinthine network of underground caverns that run miles beneath the desert country. The Sultan allowed the tribes of Solhara to live the way they choose and fight amongst themselves as much as they like, but only in exchange for the young, able bodied men they sent to work within the mines for several years. These men are not always members of the tribe, but often slaves taken captive during a battle with another tribe. Their slavery is assured by magical means, means which few have been able to escape. The gold and jewels mined by these slaves are what Solhara used most often in trade with the other kingdoms of Ga’Leah in exchange for food and services they were incapable of providing for themselves.

The second export of Solhara, an export most coveted by the rest of Ga’Leah, are their mercenaries. The unrest amongst the tribes of Solhara, as well as the dangerous landscape, has crafted warriors of unparalleled strength and skill who lack the moral compass of most knights. They are available to anyone with enough money and most will do anything with no questions asked. Even the Sultan of Solhara keeps many of such sell-swords on retainer to do his dirty work.


Solhara, officially the Sultanate of Solhara, is a peninsular kingdom in the southwest of Ga'leah, bordered on three sides by the sea and by the Hyadies, Ga’Leah’s largest mountain range, to the north. It is ruled by Sultan Shaharyar Nejem, who resides in the capital city, Zabier. Zabier is located a short distance south of the Hyadies and serves as the gateway to the south.

Zabier is the largest city in Solhara. Tienshang Guo has a few major cities, but nothing in comparison to Zabier. Some of Solhara’s population outside of Zabier can be found in small nomadic tribes. Some tribes make a living raiding, while others trade in trinkets scavenged from ancient ruins. In recent years, most of Solhara’s tribal groups have been tracked and censused to ensure their taxes are paid to the crown.

The Black Sands and Shima Taiyo (the island off the western coast) are shrouded in mystery and rumor.


Solhara in the beginning was a series of warring tribes fighting over territory and resources. As time went on these tribes intermarried and combined their powers to establish settlements and eventually cities. The Nejem family growing greedy began conquering the other tribes. One by one the tribes were either conquered or joined forces with House Nejem. Some tribes went South to get away from the war. These tribes were the Set, the San, and the Bon and they established Tienshang Guo.

House Nejem using the wealth they had acquired built the capital of Zabier as a show of power. They used mainly slave labor to build the city. The slaves were of several conquered tribes that had fought fiercely against the Nejem family. These tribes eventually became the Gypsies. These Gypsies and House Nejem have been after the Cave of Wonders for centuries. Each group wants the genie inside for their own purposes.

Eventually Tienshang Guo was brought into the fold by force. Their wall was breached and House Nejem subjugated the provinces. House Nejem was never quite able to conquer the Oasis and dared not go near Shima Taiyo out of fear.


Although Solhara was spared the Blight for some time, they were not spared the effects of the Blight. The Walking Starvation may not have been raising the dead in the desert as it was in other parts of the continent, but the Starving had caused trade between kingdoms to cease and spread a famine throughout Solhara that resulted in riots and widespread mistrust for the Sultan and the royal family.

With the loss of the oceans came a beast from the Realm of Monsters sent to destroy the city. Although they were able to fight off the Brachurya, the monster brought the Blight to Solhara and the Walking Starvation began to spread the desert.

When the Yarrow fell to the Blight, the loss of the sun caused the desert country to fall into a terrible cold spell. The Pantheon dispatched the god of flame to help warm and light the kingdom as much as possible, but when he was captured by Maleficent and tortured, the desert kingdom fell into a dark, deep freeze.

The Blight finally claimed Solhara with the rebirth of the Dragons who ripped their way out of the men and women of Ga'leah and descended upon the kingdom of Solhara in full force. With the dragons raining fury from above and the seas seeming to rise to consume the land, the people of Solhara had no other choice but to flee. Some fled to Xehacora where the Queen promised them safety, while many others took the High Court's invitation of safety.

Although the waters have receded and the Blight has ended, few have returned to Solhara for fear of the hauntings that abound in formerly Blighted areas.

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