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 The Yarrow Blight

The Yarrow Blight

Death of the Yarrow

The Yarrow Blight was the second blow after the Ocean Blight came to land. It marked the infection of the Yarrow, and all the forests of Ga'leah, making hunting nearly impossible, as well as driving out all who dwelt among the trees. The Green Man perished during this fight, as just about every tree and plant has either been killed off, or clung to life by mere threads. The only place plants were able to grow freely after the Yarrow Blight struck were in the gardens of the remaining Kingdoms, and even they were beginning to suffer. Many of the deities were killed in the struggle, including The Lightgiver, plunging the world into darkness until the Phoenix gave their lives, allowing Caerleon alone to remain alight with warmth.

By Location

The Yarrow:

Famine sent swarms of weevils into the Yarrow to plague and devour the occupants of the woods. These insects were the main source of blight spread in the woods. Swarms sent bears into frenzies, and changed many creatures that were once docile into rampaging beasts. A large Dendroll attacked Robin Hood and his refugee camp.


Swarms of weevils killed crops and spread the blight’s reach. Famine set his eyes on Thrine in order to destroy Ga’leah’s main source of food. Him and his army of the voracious undead marched towards the capitals destruction, but was defeated. Although Famine was stopped, Thrine and Calladahn fell to the Blight. No longer safe to inhabit, most of their residents relocated to Xehacora, Caerleon, Solhara, or Allutheria. The Evil Queen moved to her embassy in the Five Corners in Caerleon.

Pride Lands:

A large Necator was burrowing all over Dokrayth and made it all the way to the Pridelands as it could burrow underneath Maleficent’s magical barrier. Used to more vegetated areas, it was driven into a frenzy, causing a great deal of destruction but was eventually killed.


Due to the damage done by the Necator the Petalura began invading the towns, eventually forcing all of the residents to flee to refugee camps. Any attempts to rebuild Dokrayth were been placed on immediate hold. The kingdom was no safer to inhabit than Calladahn. Richelieu and his men also moved to reside in the Five Corners in Caerleon.


Blighted Keeners made their way through the portals in the forest. They terrorized the country sides of the faery land and very nearly overwhelmed it. Four Triffids made it through the portal as well. Two attacked the Red Court and two Themyscira. War came to take down the courts and claim Allutheria, forcing them to set aside their differences as fight off the invasion. The Amazons were defeated despite the White Court's help in taking down the Horseman of War. Hippolyta sought out an alliance with the gods and the Amazons were temporarily relocated to the Sugar Plum forest outside the White Court, which was one of the few to escape the wrath of the Yarrow Blight.


The Death Dealer, goddess of war, died killing the Horseman of Death. The Machmaker also died trying to save the War goddess' life. Their joint sacrifice allowed Aethanryke to reclaim their godhoods before Maleficent could take them allowing the gods and humanity to still have Love and War on their side. Helios The Lightgiver was killed, but unlike with his sisters, the details of his death are not well known. The sun went out, and for a period of time the world was dark, and with the loss of the Starmaker, only the moon remained.


A group of Mandry came from the wastelands in search of food, and found their way to Caerleon. They attacked the refugee camps late one night, along with Famine, but were thwarted in their attempts to destroy them. Helios' creations the Phoenix arrived at Caerleon, giving their lives and being reborn in a nearly eternal cycle to keep the kingdom of Caerleon lit and warm enough for humanity to survive.


Conquest went to Xehacora and terrorized the countryside hoping to claim it for their own, but was eventually thwarted and killed.

The Blighted

Blighted Bear

Physical Description: Bears in the Yarrow are typically either brown or black. They can range in size from 200 to 900 pounds and from 5 to 10 feet in height. Size depends largely upon age as well as gender. The males tend to be much larger than the females. They have five digits on their appendages tipped with very sharp clothes and teeth which are capable of causing intense damage.

Attacks: A Blighted Bear will act almost rabid, attacking anything and everything that crosses it's path. It can swat individuals with it's powerful legs, scratch with it's claws, bite with it's teeth, and the smaller bears can even scale trees to catch their prey. They can also run relatively quickly for short distances.

Weakness: As with any Blighted creature, it is best to either set it on fire or cause injury to the head.

Blighted Deer

Physical Description: Blighted Deer seem to have developed the ability to walk on two legs. The Blight has also split their hooves into three separate digits. They are large with matted, sometimes missing hair, rotted faces, and the males have impressive racks this time of year.

Attacks: A Blighted Deer will attempt to gore their victims with their antlers. They can rip and tear with their front hooves and resume walking on all fours to chase down their victims for miles.

Weakness: As with all Blighted creatures, you must aim for the head or set them on fire to destroy them.

Blighted Jackalope

Physical Description: Jackalope are creatures of magic. It is said that they were created by the Fae before the war with the gods and took up residence in the Yarrow after it was created by Olwyn. They are mischievous creatures which delight in stealing things from other animals as well as humans. Their hutches are filled with strange paraphernalia and food stores.

Most Jackalope are the size of cats with fur that ranges from white to grey to brown to black. In the spring, they begin to grow antlers not unlike those of a deer which grow larger and more impressive as the seasons change. At the end of the fall, the antlers fall off and the Jackalope appears as nothing more than a large rabbit until the following spring. All jackalopes, male and female, have antlers.

Attacks: Blighted Jackalope move incredibly fast. They can run great distances in a very short length of time and attack with even greater speed and efficiency. They have extremely sharp teeth, antlers which could cause intense damage if gored, and powerful back legs which allow them to jump great distances as well.

Weakness: As with all Blighted creatures, they can be killed with fire or by wounding the head.

Blighted Squirrel

Physical Description:The Blighted Squirrel stands up at a few feet high at the shoulder while crouched down. Standing up on its hind legs it could reach the height of 6 feet. Their bodies are long and the stretch of skin from the forearms to the hind legs is reminiscent of flying squirrels. Blighted Squirrels have thin skin and a thick layer of fur covering taut muscles, along with sharp claws. They adopt a human expression and face, and have a tail that is half as long as their body used for balance.

Attacks: Blighted Squirrels attack in packs and also through aerial attacks. They are excellent climbers and climb up trees to then get leverage to glide to their opponent. Their claws are their best weapons, slashing into opponents and in turn infecting them.

Weakness: Though they are quick in the air, Blighted Squirrels have difficulty changing their trajectory once in flight. This is the best time to attack them if one manages to avoid the claws. Their "wings" are the most delicate part of their body and can be struck there effectively after getting passed the thick fur. After a Blighted Squirrel is down, it needs to be struck through the heart and head to make ensure it does not have a second wind of energy.

Blighted Trapdoor Spider

Physical Description: The Trapdoor Spiders of the Yarrow are roughly the size of a Cocker Spaniel. They live in the tunnels made by the Necators and dig out openings to the forest floor above which they cover with doors they make from the weblike substance they can excrete as well as mud and various objects on the forest floor. They are dark brown in color, the same shade as the dirt, with long white stripes running down their legs, very sharp mandibles, and flat body segments.

Attacks: A Blighted Trapdoor spider will wait within it's hole for someone to walk nearby. The vibrations of their footsteps carry through the ground to the waiting spider who will time their attack perfectly to pop out of their holes, grab their victims and drag them into the tunnels with them. They emit a neurotoxin from their mandibles that causes temporary paralysis and upon capture immediately begin to wrap their prey in the sticky weblike substance they can secrete. When the victim is completely wrapped, they will drag them through the tunnel to the communal nest where food is stored.

Although Blighted, the bite of a Trapdoor spider will not transmit the Blight. The poison sacs are located outside of the mout cavity and thereby only the poison is excreted into the wound.

Weakness: A Trapdoor spider, like all Blighted creatures, can be killed by destroying the brain. They are also prone to injury along joints or in the eyes where their exoskeleton is weakest. Fire can also be used to kill a Trapdoor spider.


See Zoology of the Yarrow


See Zoology of the Yarrow


See Zoology of the Yarrow


See Zoology of the Yarrow


See Zoology of the Yarrow


See Zoology of the Yarrow


See Zoology of the Yarrow


See Zoology of the Yarrow

The Horsemen

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse were summoned to bring the end to the Yarrow and all forest dwellers, as well as a way of showing Ga'leah that it was doomed. There were four horsemen, Famine, Conquest, War, and Death. All of the Horsemen were defeated, but at a cost.

Horseman of Famine

Physical Description: Famine is shorter still than his older brothers War and Conquest. He stands at 6'7''. Famine is also slower moving than his two brothers and his sister Death. His horse is a large male clydesdale that is all black and has a long black mane that drags on the ground. Famine does not carry what appears to be a weapon, but rather carries a set of scales by which he weighs out how much famine to place on the land. Do not be fooled though for at either end of the large staff is a pointed bolt that can be used to stab. He is more calculating and decisive than his brother and sisters. Like all the horses of the horsemen, Famine's horse is blind and deaf.

Attacks: Famine's very presence kills all organic plant matter. It causes all things to wither and die and will sap the nutrients from all beings that feed on something. It is because of this that the blight around him are constantly needing to feed. Their hunger is even more insatiable. However, because the energy that comes from feeding is constantly sapped from them by Famine they move more slowly. Those that are not blighted will find themselves losing strength as well.

Weakness: Steps to defeat Famine are as follows:
1)Unhorse and kill Famine's steed.
2) Stab Famine through his head or heart with the end of his pointed scales

Horseman of War

Physical Description: Not nearly as tall as his brother Conquest, War stands at 6'9''. His Red stallion is a war horse that has been flayed but appears to be kept alive by some kind of fire. The stallion is blind and deaf as are all the horsemen's stallions and therefore cannot be frightened by any sort of creature. It is this blinding and deafness also allows it to bear it's rider without fear or flinching. War wields a large claymore that he can wield as easily as a one handed short sword.

Attacks: War rides into battle with great ferocity. His presence strikes fear into anyone who does not have a warrior's heart and incites violence into all those that have one, blighted or not. The blight that surround him are erratic, violent, and have blood lust that is beyond anything one has witnessed in the blight before. It is his presence that is the biggest issue as people lose their minds to the bloodlust and violence lust he incites in all men and women's hearts.

Weakness: Steps to defeat War are as follows:
1) Unhorse and kill War's steed
2) Get his sword from him and decapitate him it.

Horseman of Conquest

Physical Description: He is a goliath of a man that stands 7'3''. He rides on a white stallion whose hide is so white it can blind a person when reflected in the sun. The Horsemen of Conquest wields a huge bow and arrow. The stallion is blind and deaf therefore cannot be frightened by any sort of creature. It's blindness and deafness also allows it to bear its rider without fear or flinching.

Attacks: Conquest rarely gets off his horse. His very presence can and will incite violence in the blighted, however it also unites them as one mind with him. Conquest gives the blight purpose and thus allows for them to move as a unit trying to destroy all of Ga'leah and taking it for themselves. Their mentality is matched with that of Conquest and it is one of total and utter defeat of all life.

Weakness: There is only one way to kill all the horsemen and it follows a series of steps.
1) Unhorse Conquest and kill his horse
2) Shoot Conquest using his own bow and arrow through the heart or head. Note: Conquests bow is larger and heavy. Conquest is able to knock and pluck it with ease. It would take a least three strong men to fire his bow.

Horseman of Death

Physical Description: She is the last of her siblings and is shortest in stature. She stands at exactly 6'. However her small stature makes her the fastest. Death is unable to speak, but her screech if heard by any living thing will kill it. She moves silently spreading fear and despair into all those that surround her. She is a lone horsemen who is not surrounded by blight for even they cannot be near her either. She carries with her a large scythe.

Attacks: Death uses her scythe to take the lives of those around her, but she may also use a piercing screech. Her presence incites fear, despair, hopelessness, and regret into those that are near leading many who fall in her path to beg for death.

Weakness: Steps to defeating Death are as follows:
1)Unhorse and Kill her steed
2) Slit her throat with her scythe>

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