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Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

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Independent Fae Societies

A Freehold is an independent society of Fae found within the land of Allutheria.

After the Fae were banished to Allutheria following their defeat by the Gods in the Great War, many of the lesser Fae gathered around the more powerful and charismatic of their kind. These powerful and charismatic Fae formed what would later come to be known as the Faery Courts of Allutheria.

However, some of the Fae were not so easily swayed by the influence of others and instead set out in small groups to create independent communities in which most of the residents were treated equally or by a set of laws decided upon by the populous.

There are many, many Freeholds in Allutheria. Freeholds outnumber Courts in Allutheria by a vast margin, but the Freeholds' independent lifestyle also leaves them weak. They do not have the strength, might, or numbers that many of the more powerful Courts of Allutheria can claim, and they typically do not have agreements with other Freeholds to provide support in times of persecution. This has made many Freeholds vulnerable, a vulnerability that some like the Amazons exploit for their won personal gain.

However, there are some Freeholds which have developed agreements with Courts such as the Amazons and the White Court or protection against the other Courts of Allutheria in return or a good or service the Court cannot adequately provide itself.

Known Freeholds

The following are a list of known Freeholds that have existed or currently exist within the realm of Allutheria:

  • Foxfire - Foxfire is a small rural settlement near the Amazonian encampment of Themyscira. It was here that Sir Didymus of the Labyrinth, slayer of Goblins and former jester of the Court of the Bull was born.
  • Shangri-La - The Jinn city within the Hollow Summits where Karma is the law of the land and their marketplace draws visitors from all over Allutheria.
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