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An Independent World

An Independent World

Location:It's own pocket dimension
Associated Canon Tales:Alice in Wonderland, Atlantis, Black Cauldron, Last Unicorn, Swan Lake
See Also:
Amazons, Court of the Bull, Court of Hearts, Red Court, White Court, The Mad Tea Party
Allutheria was originally created by the gods as an alternate world in which the Fae could live apart from the Gods and Ga'leah. It was a world crafted of magic, capable of being reshaped into anything that the Fae desired, but completely self contained and inescapable.


Allutheria is not located within the same world as the land of Ga'leah. Instead, it was created in its own pocket dimension completely independent of the gods' creation of Ga'leah. Though it was cut off for a long time, eventually some portals began to open between the two worlds allowing travel back and forth.


From the time the Fae were enclosed within Allutheria, there was little peace to be had. Many of the Fae attempted to exert their control over areas of the world they were creating and the very world of Allutheria was extremely unstable.

In the early days, many small Courts were formed and destroyed, but two Courts emerged as two of the strongest forces in Allutheria. The Red and White Courts of Allutheria became powerful and populous early in the colonization of Allutheria, both standing for very different principles. While the White Court believed in justice, truth, and virtue above all, the Red Court as focused upon indulgence and desire. The White Court would make the best of the world they were given, the Red Court would never look upon the world as anything other than a prison. Despite their differences, the White and Red Court were able to coexist peacefully for many years, until the Red Queen's attempt to escape the world of Allutheria caused the death of the first White King. Distraught over his loss, the White Queen cursed the Red Queen and peace between the courts was dissolved.

At the end of the Fae Wars, only a few Courts remained with clear boundaries and their own merits:

  • Amazons - the female followers of the former Fae of Summer, they were a warrior court who only attempted to make peace with the Court of Hearts and the White Court. They believed in protecting and empowering women above everything else.
  • Court of the Bull - believing that might makes right and the strength was the only virtue that matters, the Court of the Bull was led by the former Fae of Fall and made no attempts to form truces with any other Courts in Allutheria.
  • Court of Hearts - a court of beauty and delusion believing that ignoring their plight was the only way to survive in their prison, the court of hearts was led by the former Fae of Spring.
  • Red Court - putting an emphasis on indulgence and pleasure, the Red Court believed in taking what they wanted and enjoying what they could of life within their prison at the cost of other's happiness if need be.
  • White Court - believing in justice and purity above all, the White Court tried to enforce peace and fairness in Allutheria amongst the other courts to put an end to the Fae Wars that had been ongoing since the fae's interment in Allutheria.

The Fae Wars officially ended with the creation of the Unicorns meant to safeguard Allutheria from enchantments that might tear it apart. As unicorns were stationed throughout Allutheria to police the Fae, most battles between courts came to an end and a tentative peace settled over the land.

Although there were originally no ways to travel between the realms, in time a portal opened between Allutheria and the Isle of Affalohn in Ga'leah. It was the only passage between the lands for centuries and was policed regularly by the Order of Fate, an organization created solely to keep the Fae's magic in Ga'leah in check.

Although the Far Wars had ended, the disagreements between Courts continued and warfare between the Courts became more creative. The Red Queen created a weapon called 'the Goblin' which she used in conjunction with the Prince of the Court of the Bull to destroy the Court of the Bull and allow the Red Court to lay claim to their land. The goblins proved to be a better weapon than even she had realized, however, for she was unable to stop them when their job was done. Instead, the White Court imprisoned them within the magical Labyrinth to put a stop to their destruction.

Another new threat emerged shortly after the Blight. Called the Mad Tea Party, this unlikely group of individuals were able to infiltrate and destroy not only the Court of Hearts, but the infamous Red Cort as well.

The Blight, too, was a problem that Allutheria had difficulty contending with. Beginning with the Horned King who was the first infected with the Blight, the plague spread much slower throughout Allutheria than it did in Ga'leah. Aside from part of the Neverwood Forest and the lands belonging to the Horned King, only the Amazon land of Themyscira was destroyed by the Blight.


The Blush

The Blush is a copse of hills that separate the red and white courts. It is so named because of its location as a midway point between the Red and White courts.

The Forest of Bones

The Forest of Bones is a vast forest of eternal autumn magically constructed around Thornhal and the Point as a means of keeping the other Fae at a distance. The trees of the Forest are all bare, skeletal forms that creek, crack, and pop in the wind. They range in color from a deep black to a stark white and grow denser and larger the closer to Thornhal one finds oneself.

The Hollow Summits

The Hollow Summits are a mountain range that bisects the continent of Allutheria. They were created around the same time as the city of Shangri-La and are rumored to contain hidden parts of the city.

Neverwood Forest

A magical forest whose trees and paths do not appear to be stationary, it encompasses much of the northwest of Allutheria.

The Point

The Point is the name for the Peninsula on which Thornhal and the Forest of Bones can be found. It is so named for the shape it forms when jutting out into the ocean. Although it has a shore on either side with the Allutherian Sea, the only beach is a shallow one located beneath Thornhal and accessible only through the underground tunnels connected to the dungeon. Aside from this one beach, the Point has only sheer cliffs that drop into the Allutherian sea and form choppy, rocky surf that would prove deadly to anyone unfortunate enough to fall into it.

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is a large network of garden located in and around Heart's Keep castle. It is populated only by Red Roses which were the Queen of Heart's favorite among all of her flowers. Within the Rose Garden are also the dwellings of the lesser Fae who had become part of the Court of Hearts as well as several fountains and topiary.

Sugar Plum Forest

The Sugar Plum Forest is a forest of eternal winter created by the White Queen. It borders the The Blush to the west of the White Court's lands.

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