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A Farming City of Calladahn

Farming City

Location:Northwest Calladahn
Associated Canon Tales:Robin Hood
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Wyldegate is a city in Calladahn. While it is not a particularly widespread city, it is the second largest in the kingdom, with the capital city of Thrine being the only one larger. It is primarily a village of farmers, and also supplies the kingdom with much of its livestock. Some of the finest breeders of horses are in Wyldegate, and much of the wools and clothing that come out of the town are well known all the way to Xehacora.


The city is located in the far northwest corner of Calladahn, at the edge of the Yarrow. It often gets winter storms from the ocean, which bathe it in rain or snow depending on the time of year and the particular temperature that day. However, it is sheltered from much of the worst weather, as it is in the shadow of the Hyadies, making the northern climate somewhat more temperate than it could be, and therefore suitable for abundant crops and a wide variety of livestock. It is the largest northern city in Ga’leah, and only the town of Aeswick is more northern. Beyond that is the Yarrow, and the mysteries it holds.


The city of Wyldegate was founded in 684 A.H. by the Wyld family. This was shortly after the end of the Great Famine of the Cahlds. With the rains returned and crops able to grow once more, the Wylds and a number of other families began to settle there. While the family of Wyld has a dark and colorful history, much of that left the city a few decades after it was constructed, leaving much of the city’s history unknown. Far removed from the dramas unfolding in Thrine and neighboring kingdoms and cities, it remained relatively untouched by the plagues that ravaged much of Calladahn and Dokrayth in the mid 700s.

For the better part of five hundred years, Wyldegate was little more than a collection of farming families. More or less self contained during that time, most of the writings that still exist are from the late 1200s and early 1300s, and are mostly documenting trade agreements, cycles of crops, and the breeding of livestock, in particular horses. These transactions were mostly between two families the Firths and the Pendreics. The Firths were largely concerned with the growing of corn and wheat, as well as the breeding of sturdy cattle while the Pendreics were hunters and horse breeders. Many of the breeding practices still used by the residents of Wyldegate are still applied today, which is why some of the finest animals come from Wyldegate. The horses bred were mixed between the fine, delicate creatures of Solhara and the sturdy beasts of the mountains, producing animals that could thrive in a variety of climates, and adapt to many situations. To this day, people travel from far and wide to purchase horses from Wyldegate, and even the High Court has a handful of Wyldegate stock filling its stables.

The cattle however, are the reason Wyldegate endured, for they provided the residents with heavy work, meat, and milk. Over time, the Firth family sold great numbers of its livestock before disappearing from Wyldegate records, and the Pendreics likewise vanished, rumored to the Hyadies some time in the mid 1500s. Yet the beasts of burden remained, and eventually began to attract the attention of outsiders, as well as the vast quantities of food Wyldegate always seemed to have, and their ability to outlast many of the plagues and other natural disasters that wracked Calladahn. Over the next few centuries, Wyldegate became more thoroughly integrated into the kingdom of Calladahn. More prominent families became invested in the place, some even settling there. Names like Carver, Hood, and eventually, Pendragon. However, the eventual ruling family of Calladahn was merely interested in Wyldegates ability to provide food, and exceptional horses, and so did not become particularly well acquainted with the city.

Extra Stuff

Presently, fate has not been kind to Wyldegate. Try as they might to preserve it, the city eventually fell when the Yarrow Blight oozed into the once abundant crops, forcing the residents to flee with whatever they could grab. It is now desolated and very nearly a wasteland, with only the very brave, or the very stupid continuing to eek out an existence there. However, since the Blight has ended, new growth is beginning to take hold, and due to its significance as a provider of food to the kingdom, Arthur has made it a priority to restore the city to its former light.
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