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Capital of Calladahn

Capital of Calladahn

Location:East Central Calladahn
Associated Canon Tales:Snow White
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Thrine is the capital of Calladahn and the center of the kingdom's economy and government. It remained protected through much of the Blight with the most powerful and richest individuals in the kingdom protected behind it's sizable walls. It was not until separate attacks from a Sea Wyrm and the Horseman of Famine that the city was defeated and those within were forced to flee for their lives.


Thrine is located in east central Calladahn near the Zaffre River and the border with Caerleon. It is equidistant from the Hyadies mountains to the south and the Yarrow to the north.


Thrine was the capital of Calladahn, a city built using the bride price obtained by Francis the Unifer, the father of modern day Calladahn, for marrying his son to that of Andrick Magoffin, the would-be conqueror of Dokrayth.

It was built for the sole intention of being the capital of the kingdom and so was placed in a central location and was constructed with a vast government center and marketplace as well as protections like an inner and outer bailey to guard against attacks.

The walls of the city were especially useful during the outbreak of Dokyth Fever that made Francis lame, killed four of children, and drove his wife mad. The kingdoms of the time were going through desperate measures to keep the sickness contained, and in an effort to prevent the rest of Calladahn from experiencing the same outbreak that was sweeping through Thrine, Francis made the difficult decision to close the city gates and quarantine the city until the sickness had run its course.


Many centuries later, the walls would once more prove useful when the 'evil' queen of Calladahn saw fit to use them again, not to protect the kingdom, but to protect the city and the important people within it.

The Queen and those of power within the kingdom sought the safety of Thrine while the rest of Calladahn was forced to combat the Blight on their own. Thrine, however, was not spared completely. During the Ocean Blight they were subjected to terrible attacks from a Sea Wyrm who had left behind the Realm of Monsters to lay waste to the city. Although it survived, the walls were so greatly weakened that those within the city knew they could not take another such attack and live to tell the tale.

The second such attack came with the loss of the Yarrow when weevils and the Horseman of Famine ransacked the kingdom. Thrine fell to the Yarrow Blight and Calladahn followed not long after. The Horseman was defeated, but the entire kingdom of Calladahn was lost and the residents of city and town alike were forced to flee.

Thrine now stands empty and haunted by the souls of those lost to the Blight.

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