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A Ruins in Allutheria

A Ruins in Allutheria

Location:Northern Allutheria
Associated Canon Tales:Alice in Wonderland
See Also:
Mad Tea Party, Red Court
Redgrave was once known as the Red Hall and was the headquarters of the Red Court in Allutheria. It fell during the Blight, not to the Blight itself, but to the Mad Tea Party. It has remained empty ever since, although there are some transient Fae who use the ruins as shelter from time to time.


Redgrave and the surrounding lands are located in northern Allutheria. It is separated from the White Court by a range of hills called 'The Blush', bordered on the west by the Labyrinth and to the south by the Hollow Summits and Shangri-La.


Formerly known as Red Hall, Redgrave was once a towering crimson palace and surrounding city in which the Red Court made its home. It was one of the two most populated regions of Allutheria, sometimes surpassing and sometimes falling behind the White Court in population numbers.

The Red Hall was one of the most socially exciting places in Allutheria. Parties, galas, and balls were not uncommon and usually accompanied nights of drunkenness and debauchery.

The Red Hall was decimated following the invasion by the Mad Tea Party. Chief among the fatalities were the Red King and Queen themselves. Though some members of the court escaped, most perished and were left to rot where they lay.

Unlike Heart's Keep, there is less superstition about Redgrave and surrounding areas and some Fae have been known to venture into the ruins or the lands surrounding it to loot any treasure or magical artifacts they might find, or merely to find shelter for the night.

Places of Interest

The Blush

The Blush is a range of hills that separate the Red and White courts. It is so named because of its location is a midway point between the Red and White courts.

The Hollow Summits

The Hollow Summits are a mountain range that bisects the continent of Allutheria. They were created around the same time as the city of Shangri-La and are rumored to contain hidden parts of the city.

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