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 Castle Evermore

Castle Evermore

A Castle in Allutheria

Castle Evermore
Capital of the White Court

Location:Northeastern Corner of Allutheria
Associated Canon Tales:Alice in Wonderland, Swan Lake
See Also:
White Court
Castle Evermore is the headquarters of the White Court in Allutheria. It is a vast white palace flanked by a bustling city of Fae which has grown in recent months due to the Blight and the Mad Tea Party.


Castle Evermore is located in the northeastern corner of Allutheria. It is separated from the Redgrave by the hills known as 'The Blush' and from the former lands of the Court of Hearts by the foothills of the Hollow Summits.


Castle Evermore is the home of the White King and Queen and the capital of the White Court. It was founded alongside Red Hall at a time when the Courts of White and Red were still amiable. Following the death of the first White King, both Courts declared the other their enemy and numerous clashes for power ensued.

Although the White Court always attempted to set itself up as the peacemaker and enforcer of justice in the land of Allutheria, it was not until the Blight that others began to look to Castle Evermore as more than just the home of the White Court. With the fall of both the Court of Hearts and the Red Court to the Mad Tea Party, the White Court became the largest and most influential entity in the land, offering protection and assistance to any Fae who needed it.

When Themyscira was attacked by creatures of the Yarrow Blight and the Amazons were forced to flee, the White Court assisted them and allowed them to evacuate to the Sugar Plum Forest, a woodland of eternal winter located on the White Court's side of the The Blush.

Places of Interest

The Blush

The Blush is a copse of hills that separate the Red and White courts. It is so named because of its location as a midway point between the Red and White courts.

The Hollow Summits

The Hollow Summits are a mountain range that bisects the continent of Allutheria. They were originally created during the Fae Wars as a boundary marker to suggest where the lands of one Court ended and another began and to protect the land of Shangri-La from Fae who were still angry about the Jinn's involvement in the war. It is said that they are, in fact, hollow and that some subsects of Fae or other Allutherian creatures have formed Freeholds within them.

Sugar Plum Forest

The Sugar Plum Forest is a forest of eternal winter created by the White Queen. It borders the The Blush to the west of the White Court's lands.

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