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 The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror is a device used by the Evil Queen of Calladahn to keep an eye on her domain, as well as to obtain information. An object of vanity, she also uses it as a way of keeping her power, and the way to activate it is to speak the phrase "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is fairest of them all?". It's origin is unknown, but it was enchanted for the Queen and nobody else, and she is the only one who can use it, and who even knows what it can do.

The Magic Mirror is an enchanted mirror which forms a metallic statue in the form of a hooded figure to converse with the Queen.

History and Powers

The mirror works in strange ways. It only obeys the Evil Queen, and she summons it by saying "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is fairest of them all?" To which the Mirror slides off the wall and forms itself into a humanoid, silver statue, through which it speaks to her. Usually it will tell her she is the fairest, and then the Queen can get whatever other information she needs. It is intelligent enough to relay information to her, as well as provide advice. However, most significantly it is able to watch anywhere within the Queen's domain through reflective surfaces, though it does not extend beyond the boarders that define her realm.

It can also be carried with her as there is a handheld mirror which is partnered with the original, larger mirror. While no figure appears in this mirror, the voice remains the same, and only she can hear it. Yet the summoning remains the same, so she has to be able to speak the words out loud without fearing anyone will hear her, or suspect her. The mirror also requires that the user look directly into it while in use (or to look where the figure's eyes would be for the larger mirror), which is why the Evil Queen is also known as "The Vain Queen".


The Magic Mirror is not a playable character but the staff of OUAN will happily provide the Evil Queen's player with the necessary site or plot-based information to answer any inquiries her player is unable to answer on their own.

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