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 Mount Caelum

Mount Caelum

Home of the Gods

Mount Caelum
Home of the Gods

Location:The Hyadies mountain range
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Caelum was the mountaintop home of the gods. A vast kingdom located in a place no human or faery could access without the permission of the gods themselves, it was home to the most ornate and magnificent structures in all of Ga’leah. Each of the gods maintained a home in Caelum, even if they were not often likely to reside within it.


Caelum is located in the Kingdom of Solhara in the Hyadies mountain range on the highest peak. It is not accessible to any mortal, human or fae. It is protected by mighty magics that make the mountainside treacherous and impossible to scale. The only mortals who ever been on Caelum are those invited by the gods themselves.


Caelum was constructed shortly after the Fae were created. The gods desired a place apart from the Fae in a location in which they could not be disturbed by their creations. Hence, the tallest peak of the Hyadies mountains was chosen and the city of Caelum came into being.

Every god had a home on Caelum thought not all of them resided within the home frequently. Some gods, like the Source and the Forebearer, chose to co-habituate. But others chose to live alone.

Caelum was unaffected during the war with the Fae but was one of the first places targeted by the Blight.


Long before the Blight was known to Ga’leah itself, it made itself known to the Pantheon. It came as a sentient darkness that swallowed everything and left nothing behind. Though most of the gods were wise enough to flee, some remained behind. Nearly all of these deities were later found to be dead. Only Raukus the Reveller and Olwyn the Source were have found to survive the later stages of the attack.

Since the destruction of the Blight, the remaining Gods have attempted to rebuild Caelum, creating tributes to those that were lost and clearing out the homes to allow for the gods that they know they must name if the world of Ga'leah is to thrive and be the wondrous world it once was.

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