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A Species of Ga'leah

Description of Habitat and kingdoms where found.
Witches are part of an ancient line of humans that were able to tap into the essence of the natural world and therefore able to learn magic.


Witches come in all shapes and sizes just as humans do. It is difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish a witch from a human judging entirely by appearance alone, so near is the resemblance.


Witches are social beings amongst themselves. They tend to be rather wary of society and do not broadcast what they are publicly. This comes from a bit of a stigma placed on all witches due to particular black covens. They also tend to remain with their own as only witch and witch can produce another witch. It is due to this they are rather greedy with their numbers.

Witches gather together in covens. A coven is a group of witches that are of a like minded philosophy. During the solstices and other key days of the year covens from all over Ga'leah will gather in the Yarrow for a special celebration known as a Sabbat. These Sabbat's usually involve a large pyre being burned, a feast of some kind, music, dancing, and herbs being thrown into the pyre that are said to cause visions.


Humans were originally created by Aethanryke and Olwyn to inhabit the world after the Fae were cast into Allutheria. They had no knowledge of how to tap into the essence, the energy that flowed through all things, like the faeries and the gods. Therefore humans were unable to perform magic. A group of humans, however, discovered ancient writings of the faeries and of Olwyn the Mother Magic. They began to study these runes and found that they were able to tap into the natural energies through incantations and mixing certain herbs together.

There numbers began to grow and Aethanryke not wanting another magic war put a stop to it by cutting off the humans ability to tap into the essence of the natural world. Olwyn convinced him to allow the humans that had been able to learn magic to keep their abilities as the witches were not strong enough to cause a real problem and even in large groups were still nowhere near possessing the power of even the weakest Fae.


Witches reproduce the same way that humans do. However, because of Aethanryke removing a humans ability to tap into the earth's essence only witches can reproduce more witches. It is because of this reason that witches are low in numbers and are often very xenophobic. Witches live the same length that humans do and can be killed as easily as a human.


Witches have a very base form of magic that is weak in comparison to fae or half-fae. Witches like the Druids are only able to use natural magic, which means they can only tap into the energy of the natural world. Unlike Druids though Witches must use an incantation of some kind in order to cast a spell, make a potion, etc. Witches can use herbs, crystals, and other natural items to boost their magic. Some objects such as the moon and the sun are able to be used as an energy source for spells and potions. However, due to the amount of magical energy it takes to use lunar or solar energy witches can only channel the moon or sun's power in large groups called covens.


A witches' weaknesses are as varied as humans. One thing to note though is the price that a witch pays when he or she uses dark magic. When a witch uses dark magic it taints their soul and thus the repercussions are great. The repercussions will first start out as a non-physical sign, but as time goes on the tainted ugly soul will start to appear on the outside. A dark witch who is only twenty-five may look as old as 80 years old. Dark witches will often use other means to hiding their ugliness. An example would be virginal blood. However, if you were to place a mirror in front of a dark witch that was masking their true face the mirror would show you what they truly looked like.

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