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A City of Allutheria

A City of Allutheria

Location:Central Allutheria
Associated Canon Tales:Spirited Away
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Shangri-La is a city in central Allutheria built by a special subspecies of the Fae known as Jinn. It is the center of commerce in Allutheria with a huge marketplace frequented by Fae of every Court and Freehold.


Shangri-La is located in the central Allutheria in the mountain range known as the Hollow Summits. The metropolis extends over several peaks and is connected via large bridges and walkways. There are some rumors that there are secret parts of the city that extend into the Hollow Summits themselves, but there has never been any concrete proof of such a thing.


Shangri-La was built as a reminder of a the city the Jinn maintained in Ga'leah that was lost after the War with the Fae. Unable to take their home with them, they set about recreating it in Allutheria to the best of their ability.

Shangri-La quickly became the commercial center of Allutheria as the Jinn built a marketplace there that was as extensive as the one they'd had in Ga'leah. Their Three-Fold laws which caused everyone in the limits of Shangri-La to experience what they did to others Three-Fold also kept the city peaceful despite the wars taking place between other courts. Although the marketplace itself is located outside the Three-Fold enchantment, the city of Shangri-La has the lowest instance of crime of any location in Allutheria or Ga'leah.

Shangri-La was unaffected during the Blight but the Jinn within the city worked to removed the restrictions keeping humans from entering the city through their portal to Ga'leah, known as Tara's Door. They managed to suspend the restrictions for a time, allowing some humans to enter Shangri-La in search of safety during the Blighted attack on Solhara.


Shangri-La is governed on a strict concept of 'Karma'. Any actions taken by an individual within the boundary of the city will come back to the individual directly and Three-Fold. If someone physically assaults another person, they will often suffer mysterious, unexplained injuries that mirror those they caused in their own victim but with three times as much damage. If someone steals, they too will be stolen from. It is a concept that allows Shangri-La to maintain its peaceful atmosphere. Everyone within Shangri-La treats each other with kindness and respect in order to be treated the same by others.

There are, of course, ways around the Karmic nature of the city. Actions can be taken outside of the city limits. Some individuals have also taken to convincing other people to do their dirty work for them through any manner of methods to avoid the Karmic reaction and instead inflict it upon another. Words are not so easily held to the Karmic rules of the city. It is magic and action which the enchantments that keep the city peaceful are more interested in duplicating in kind.

Aside from Fae and Jinn, there are also some residents of the city who appear only in a smoke-based form. These individuals are Jinn who were trapped within magical objects in Ga'leah during the war with the gods. Although they are imprisoned in Ga'leah and forced to grant wishes in an effort to earn their freedom, they are permitted to travel to Shangri-La to be with their own kind and have some social interaction within that smoke based form.

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