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Stronghold of Allutheria

Home of the Amazons

Location:Southwestern Allutheria
Associated Canon Tales:Hercules
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Themyscira is the land of the Amazons built by Hippolyta the former Fae of Summer after being imprisoned in Allutheria with the rest of the Fae. It was a vast metropolis of stone buildings colonized almost entirely by women. Those men who did reside within Themyscira were kept as slaves and used as gladiators and breeding stock only.

The Amazons of Themyscira lived in there in relative comfort having proved their strength and military might in combat during the Fae Wars. However, the land of Themyscira was targeted by Triffids and Keeners during the Yarrow Blight and later fell to the Blight at the command of the Horned King.


Themyscira is located to the southwest of Allutheria at the southern edge of the Neverwood Forest and to the west of the Hollow Summits. It used to border the lands of the Court of the Bull led by Hippolyta’s brother, the former Fae of Autumn and Hearts Keep the headquarters of the Court of Hearts led by Hippolyta’s sister the former Fae of Spring. After the fall of the Court of the Bull, the former Fae of Autumn, the Horned King, created the peninsula known as ‘the Point’ to the east of Themyscira and recreated his court there. It is also not far Shangri-la is which found at the heart of Allutheria within the Hollow Summits.


Themyscira was founded by Hippolyta and the Amazons shortly after their exile to Allutheria. Although the Amazons lamented the loss of Ga’leah, the warrior women were not predisposed to self-pity and immediately set their sights on making a home for themselves in this new world in which they could continue to pursue their way of life and prepare for the day that they could someday return to Ga’leah.

Themyscira was a massive stone city built into what was once a rocky and barren landscape. Together Hippolyta and her fae transformed the area into a land of green and eternal summer where the mighty Amazon warriors were trained. The metropolis of Themyscira was surrounded by a heavy stone wall that was only pierced by invaders once, during the Blight.

In addition to training female warriors, Themyscira also made deals with surrounding freeholds to protect them against the other courts in return for female recruits to their Amazon warriors.


Although Themyscira was largely unaffected by the early days of the Blight, Amazonian General, Larentya, had encountered the Starving on her recruitment missions throughout Allutheria. Despite her warnings about the nature of their enemy, the Amazons were not prepared with the Yarrow Blight brought new horrors to their doors. When the Horned King almost arrived to focus the force of the Blight and one of the Horsemen of the Yarrow on Themyscira, they were forced to abandon their home and take refuge in the Sugarplum Forest outside the White Court.

There are no plans to return to Themyscira now that the Blight has been defeated. Instead, the Amazon have made an agreement with the Gods and are relocating to Ga’leah.

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