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 Neverwood Forest

Neverwood Forest

A Magical Woodland of Allutheria

Neverwood Forest
A Magical Woodland of Allutheria

Location:Extreme western Allutheria
Associated Canon Tales:Black Cauldron, Last Unicorn, Peter Pan
See Also:
Changelings, Fae, Faemiliars, Portals
Neverwood Forest is a large woodlands to the extreme west of Allutheria. The Forest is magical with plants that do not always remain in the same place and paths that do not always lead to the same destination. It has plants similar to Ga'leah - typical green, leafy trees, but also has trees covered in gold, silver, and jeweled leaves. Within it can also be found a portal to the land of Ga'leah.


Neverwood Forest is a large woodland located within Allutheria. Found to the extreme west, its trees border the walls of the Labyrinth and form a natural boundary for the Amazons in Themyscira and the Labyrinth.


Neverwood Forest was first created as a large woodland to mimic the forests found in Ga'leah with some new magical additions. Trees within Neverwood are not just green. Here the trees carry leaves of gold, silver, or even crystal. The last unicorn created by the Fae was placed within Neverwood to care for it and protect it from magical harm.

Neverwood became a haven for many Faemiliars and Changelings attempting to leave behind cruel masters. All were placed under the protection of the unicorn who guarded the woods. The unicorn's ability to nullify enchantments was enough to keep many Fae from attempting to broach the wood to get their possessions back.

Aside from the unicorn and those under its protection, it was also within Neverwood Forest that Dalben made his home with Hen Wen and in which Tinkerbell made a home with her Lost Boys.

Parts of the Neverwood Forest were destroyed by the Blight, specifically those located to the far south. However, much of the Forest survived. Those parts that were infected are now as haunted as the areas in Ga'leah and most creatures of Neverwood have learned to steer clear of it.

Famous Residents

Dalben - See the Black Cauldron Canon Tale

The Last Unicorn - See the Last Unicorn Canon Tale

The Lost Boys - See the Peter Pan Canon Tale

Tinkerbell - See the Peter Pan Canon Tale

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