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 The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

A Stronghold in Allutheria

The Labyrinth
Home of the Goblin Court

Location:Western Allutheria
Associated Canon Tales:Black Cauldron, Labyrinth, Rumpelstiltskin
See Also:
the Court of the Bull, Curses, Goblins, Goblin Court, the White Court
The Labyrinth is a huge stone fortification created with magic on the ruins of the Court of the Bull to cage the Goblins and prevent them from destroying more of Allutheria. The maze's corridors magically reshape themselves every few days without rhyme or reason, making it nearly impossible to traverse without magic to make sense of it. It is filled with more than just the Goblins it was intended to capture but has also become a haven for some Fae and Faemiliar as well as agents of Chaos themselves.


The Labyrinth is located in western Allutheria and is bordered to the immediate west by the Neverwood Forest and to the south by the foothills of the Hollow Summits.


The Labyrinth began as a castle known merely as 'The Prongs'. It was a formidable stronghold which the Court of the Bull called home. The lands of the Court of the Bull directly bounded those of the Red Court, and with an ever increasing need to make themselves stronger and more powerful than their rivals the White Court, the Red Court set their sights upon the land which belonged to the Court of the Bull. After recruiting the Prince of the court to help them, the Red Court created the Goblins and set them loose upon the The Prongs. Many, including the Queen, died in the ensuing chaos. Many more, however, escaped.

With their job done, the Goblins had outlived their usefulness and the Red Court attempted to destroy them. Unfortunately, the weapon proved to be too much for them. They could not be stopped and threatened more than just the Court of the Bull. In a last ditch effort to stop them, the White Court erected the Labyrinth around the Goblins to cage them within it.

Places of Interest

Bog of Eternal Stench

A Bog of noxious smelling tar and mud whose scent, is said, will eternally permeate anyone unfortunate enough to become coated with the stuff. Since the fall of the Court of the Bull it has been guarded by the good knight Sir Didymus. It is located at the beginning of the maze.

Goblin City

Located near the end of the maze at the foot of the castle, the Goblin City was once the city that surrounded the palace of The Prongs. Now, it is a city fallen into disarray in which most of the Goblins have made a sort of home.

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