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A Castle of Allutheria

A Castle of Allutheria

Location:Southern Peninsula of Allutheria
Associated Canon Tales:Black Cauldron, Last Unicorn
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Thornhal is the palace and lands created by the Horned King after his former Court was destroyed by the Goblins and became the Labyrinth. He escaped the carnage with as many of his Court as he could spare and created for them a new home, one that reflected the loss of his sanity and the hatred that was consuming his soul.

Thornhal and the Point are a desolate place where few Fae ever venture and filled with all manner of superstition.


Thornhal is found on a Southern Peninsula called 'the Point' due to is appearance and is surrounded by a woodland called 'The Forest of Bones' due to the trees skeletal appearance and the nature of the wildlife within. It is not relatively close to any other settlements in Allutheria but would be considered closest to the devestated Heart's Keep and Themyscira of the Amazons.


Thornhal was created immediately following the destruction of the Court of the Bull. After cursing his son, the very one who had betrayed them all to the Red Court and caused the Court of the Bull's destruction, the Horned King used the magic he had stolen from his son to create the peninsula many would call simply 'the Point' due to it's appearance. He also crafted the Forest of Bones to act as a barrier between Thornhal and the rest of Ga'leah, and finally he fashioned the fortress he had always wanted as a home for himself and the members of his Court who had survived. Perhaps one of the most terrifying aspects of Thornhal aside from its outward appearance of black stone and countless spires, is the expansive dungeon beneath.

The Horned King embarked on a mission of vengeance against the Gods and his own kind, eventually becoming the first individual in either Ga'leah or Allutheria, infected with the Blight. As a result, much of the land around Thornhal, including any Freeholds foolish enough to build near the Forest of Bones, were obliterated by the Blight and have since become a haunted wasteland much like those found in Ga'leah.

After Lir and Amalthea killed the Horned King, Lir ascended to take his father's place and embarked on a mission of his own with his new Queen at his side. They have yet to make any changes to Thornhal, the Point, or the Forest of Bones.

Places of Interest

The Forest of Bones

The Forest of Bones is a vast forest of eternal autumn magically constructed around Thornhal and the Point as a means of keeping the other Fae at a distance. The trees of the Forest are all bare, skeletal forms that creek, crack, and pop in the wind. They range in color from a deep black to a stark white and grow denser and larger the closer to Thornhal one finds oneself.

The Forest is populated by creates who become increasingly larger and more frightening the closer one comes to Thornhal. Many of them have the appearance of creatures consumed by the Blight, but were in fact created with their undead and desiccated appearance even before the Horned King's association with it.

The Point

The Point is the name for the Peninsula on which Thornhal and the Forest of Bones can be found. It is so named for the shape it forms when jutting out into the ocean. Although it has a shore on either side with the Allutherian Sea, the only beach is a shallow one located beneath Thornhal and accessible only through the underground tunnels connected to the dungeon. Aside from this one beach, the Point has only sheer cliffs that drop into the Allutherian sea and form choppy, rocky surf that would prove deadly to anyone unfortunate enough to fall into it.

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