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 Red Court

The Red Court

A Faery Court

Red Court
Everything that is forbidden is permitted.

Location: Redgrave
Current Lord: The Red Queen (Deceased)
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The Red Court was founded shortly after the creation of Allutheria and the exile of the Fae following the War with the Gods. It was founded on the principles of pleasure, sin, and indulgence, believing that the ends would always justify the means. While the White Court might be willing to accept their new home, the Red Court would always find it to be a prison. They are purveyors of violence, blood, and gore.


The Red Court was one of the first two Courts created in Allutheria alongside the White Court, it’s polar opposite. For some time, both Courts were able to coexist in peace. Unfortunately, the Red Queen did not handle her imprisonment well and in a fit of rage and insanity one day attempted to expel as much magic as she could into breaking through the boundary between Allutheria and Ga’leah. Instead, the backlash of power killed the White King and left the White Queen a widow. Consumed by anger and grief over her loss, the White Queen cursed the Red Queen to a life of perpetual widowhood. Anytime she married, her husband was doomed to die from the curse.

The White and Red Court became bitter enemies after the death of the White King and cursing of the Red Queen. They retired to their own corners of Ga’leah and engaged in small battles from time to time.

When the Red Court created Goblins to destroy the Court of the Bull and add to their own power, the White Court created the Labyrinth to keep the Goblins from destroying all of Allutheria.

The Red Court was also responsible for the abduction and cursing of the White Princess, Odette, stealing her away from her parents and depositing her in Ga’leah in the form of a swan in an effort to undermine and destroy the White Court.

But it was the Red Court who ultimately fell to the Red Queen’s ever growing insanity and the toxicity of her magic. Seduced by what she believed to be a Faemiliar in the form of the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen orchestrated her own demise. The Cheshire Cat, priestess of the god of chaos, had come to the Red Court to do two things, drive the Red Queen mad and destroy her Court. She succeeded in both.

Now all that remains of the Red Court is the mass grave of the castle’s rubble and the bodies buried beneath.

Members of Note

The Red Queen (Deceased) - Ruler of the Red Court, she was cursed by the White Queen when she unwittingly caused the White King's death. Before being killed by the Mad Tea Party, the blonde beauty was responsible for the creation of the Goblins that destroyed the Labyrinth and abducting and cursing the White Princess, Odette.

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