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 Goblin Court

Goblin Court

A Faery Court

Goblin Court
Youth is a terrible thing to waste.

Location: The Labyrinth
Current Lord: Jareth
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The Goblin Court is the only Court in Allutheria that is not predominately composed of Fae. Nearly every subject of the Goblin Court is, of course, a Goblin. It was originally founded by Rumpelstiltskin after he renamed and reinvented himself as Jareth to avoid the curse that allowed anyone with his name to control him. He quickly learned how to control the Goblins and took advantage of it to make himself a King and to begin a lucrative business in the sale of humans in Allutheria.


The Goblin Court began several years after the fall of the Court of the Bull. Since the Goblins had performed their task, they had been imprisoned in the Labyrinth with no purpose or guidance. Jareth, (otherwise known as Rumpelstiltskin), saw the potential in the Goblins and set about finding a way to keep them under his control. The method he found most effective was a magical torc that allowed him to give the Goblins that which they desired most, the beautiful appearance of a Fae. Of course, something was required to sustain the torcs and through a system of trial and error learned that he could create enough magic to work the torcs if he harvested the youth of adolescent humans. More so, the children themselves were a commodity much desired in Allutheria since many Fae found that human children made great servants or pets.

For years Jareth was content to exist within this own small kingdom, collecting children and creating Changelings for the Fae of Allutheria, trading in magic, magical artifacts, and the like to add to his own wealth and power.

But, in time, this was not enough. The Goblins were growing restless, eager to do what they had been created to do, destroy. So, to keep his minions happy, the Goblin King created a way out of the Labyrinth for his Goblins and set them loose on an unsuspecting Allutheria.

Members of Note

Jareth - Formerly known as Rumpelstiltskin. He is the Goblin King and the purveyor of Changelings in Allutheria.

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