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 Court of the Bull

The Court of the Bull

A Faery Court

Court of the Bull
Might Makes Right

Location: Currently the Labyrinth
Current Lord: The Horned King (displaced to Thornhal)
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The Court of the Bull is a former fae court in Allutheria that has since been taken over by the Goblin King Jareth. The Horned King, previously the Fae of Autumn, founded the court after the fae were banished to Allutheria. It was founded on the values of hardiness, stubbornness, strength of will, and physical prowess. The two children of the royal family are the only two still alive. Since the Court of the Bull fell, the vast grounds have turned into the Labyrinth to imprison the goblins.


The Great War between the Fae and the Gods ended with the gods victorious and the fae cast into a magical prison of Allutheria. As they grew their new home to be habitable, a few powerful fae started courts in their name. One such individual was the former Fae of Autumn, whose seasonal powers were stripped away from him. Bestowing himself the title of Horned King, he was unimpressed with the status of the other courts. He viewed them as weak; even the power-hungry Red Court was not up to his standards. Thus, with his wife, the Horned King founded the Court of the Bull.

The court nestled at the edge of Allutheria. What the Horned King wanted was not a dainty palace but a fortress. The far corners of the land that made up the Court of the Bull boundaries were rimmed with impenetrable trees, with only a singular path that reached the center of the court. Then tall walls encircled the castle that housed the royal family and staff. Perhaps this was one of the weakest parts of the court, never did it house a large populous of fae compared to the others. What it did house was beautiful gardens: utilitarian plants and animals in the nearby stables that kept the Court of the Bull running.

After his fortress was set up, the Horned King acquired his staff of loyal fae with similar values. He started a family and had two children in his life time. The first, Lir, worked under his father with bitter acceptance. The second, Eilonwy, spent her hand with earth magic to help her mother manage the gardens and produce for the court.

All was well with the Court of the Bull for hundreds of years. The royal children grew to maturity, and while secluded from the rest of Allutheria, the Court of the Bull managed a steady stream of livelihood for all who lived there. The fortress the Horned King built was not impenetrable as it seemed, however. Lir became disenfranchised with the court and plotted with the Red Court to bring it down. The deal also involved the goblins and their leader, an influential fae named Jareth. In the end, Jareth and the newly bestowed Goblin Court won out of all parties involved. The goblins successfully overthrew the Court of the Bull. The fortress was weak from the inside, and the fewer number fae that resided in the court were unable to put up a decent defensive to the surprise attack.

The fate of the royal family was not much better. The Horned King was tortured and driven mad by the goblins and the death of his wife. He was able to escape with his son, who he turned into the Red Bull, and a few members of his court. It was not until years later that he discovered Eilonwy also survived the attack and he rescued her from Jareth’s dungeons, only to place her in his own – with his mental state he was no longer able to be a father. He founded another court, this time even smaller, called Thornhal, the true impenetrable fortress the Horned King always wanted.

The lands that once held the original Court of the Bull have since become the Labyrinth. Other fae saw the destruction of the court and erected a great maze to keep them trapped inside. Jareth, the Goblin King, has run his new court ever since. The most lucrative business for the Goblin Court deals with the trade of Changelings, human children turned slaves to the fae. There are some to this day that try to do to the Labyrinth what the goblins did to the Court of the Bull- to break in or out of it at their own risk.

Members of Note

The original Horned King/King of the Court of the Bull (Deceased) - Former Fae of Autumn who founded the Court of the Bull after the fae were cast aside in Allutheria. After the fall of his original court, he founded Thornhal and turned his son into the Red Bull who helped kill him with the assistance of the Last Unicorn Amalthea. At the time of his death, he was looking for the mystical Black Cauldron for his own ends, a task now taken on by his murderers.

Queen Myfanwy of the Court of the Bull (Deceased) - The fae who married the Horned King and had two children from that marriage. She helped rule the court with her husband and created the thick security forest and castle gardens with her earth magic. She was killed in the goblin attack that ended the Court of the Bull.

Prince Lir/The Horned King - The former prince betrayed the Court of the Bull to the Red Court and Jareth and the goblins. His father escaped with him and turned the prince into the raging Red Bull for revenge. He was made to hunt the unicorns around the time of the Blight and then helped kill his father with Amalthea. He then claimed his father’s title and the search of the Black Cauldron to eradicate magic from the world.

Princess Eilonwy - The Princess of the Court of the Bull stayed trapped in Jareth’s dungeons until her father rescued her. Her magic was trapped in an orb, although she has since started to learn how to control it with limitations.

Sir Didymus - The jester was one of the few who survived the attack of the goblins, now roams the Labyrinth and deludes himself in thinking himself a knight.

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