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 Court of Hearts

Court of Hearts

A Faery Court

Court of Hearts
Hearts First

Location: Heart Keep
Current Lord: Queen of Hearts
See Also:
Heart's Keep, Mad Tea Party, Seasons
The Court of Hearts was founded as an act of love by the King of Hearts in an attempt to bring back his wife's sanity in the wake of all she had lost following the War with the Gods. It was founded on the principles of passion and living life to the fullest in an attempt forget all that they had lost in the war.

The Court of Hearts was destroyed by the mysterious Mad Tea Party. Very few of the original court survived, among them the Queen and Knave of Hearts.


The Court of Hearts was founded shortly after the Fae were locked into the world of Allutheria. The King of Hearts was distraught when his lover, the former Fae of Spring, began to lose her mind over the loss of her powers. With her sanity slipping away more and more each day, he attempted to surround her with things that would bring her joy. Everything about the Court of Hearts was designed to make the Queen happy from its members to its castle to its culture. Sadly, while the Court seemed to slow down the progression of the Queen’s insanity, it did not stop it.

The Queen was prone to fits of temper when the perfect world her King had attempted to create for her did not remain perfect. She was quick to order the execution of anyone who disappointed her, and though her husband pardoned many and allowed them to return to the Court knowing that the Queen would forget her execution order soon enough, some slipped through the cracks and he was forced to watch them die.

Over time, the King’s love for the Queen began to falter as it seemed that little about her remained. He took a lover from among the Changelings of the Court and fathered a Half Fae child. Though he attempted to hide his son from the Queen, the boy was originally discovered. The Queen fell into a jealous rage and the boy, named Hercules, was expelled from the Court. His powers were bound except for an extreme, supernatural strength. But the Queen cursed him to experience a terrible rage and memory loss whenever he used too much of his strength.

The Court of Hearts never truly recovered after Hercules was cast out of Allutheria by way of the Order of Fate. The King blamed the Queen for what she had done. They became a Court divided, easy for the mysterious Mad Tea Party to target with a bit of Chaos, easy for the Mad Tea Party to destroy in the middle of one of the many gala’s held by the Court.

Few survived the fall of the Court of Hearts.

Members of Note

Knave of Hearts - Survivor of the Court of Hearts

King of Hearts(Deceased) - A slight but handsome man who once loved the former Fae of Spring with all his heart, he fell out of love with her as her rage and paranoia grew. He fathered a child with a Changeling and was killed in the assault of the Court of Hearts.

Queen of Hearts - Former Fae of Spring, her paranoia and anger have grown exponentially since the Fae’s defeat against the gods and imprisonment in Allutheria. She escaped the carnage of her Court and fled to Ga’leah but her powers are a fraction of what they once were.

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