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 House Roth

House Roth

Red Riding Hood

House Roth
There Will Be Blood

Sigil: A yellow field with a red starburst and a brown wolf's head pierced by a silver spear.
Words: There Will Be Blood.
Kingdom: Caerleon
Seat: Tooth & Claw
Title: Red Riding Hood
Current Lord: Dahlia
Heir: None
Allegiance: High Court
See Also:
Dahlia Rainecourt (NPC), Lupin, Lycan
House Roth became the chosen family of the Huntress. They were bestowed a special title and set of powers which allowed them to fight and kill the Lycan scourge for generations. The title always passed to a female family member and generally followed from mother to daughter unless the line was interrupted or came to an end. In this case, the title would pass to the daughter of a son of the Roth family.


The Roth family was not a noble family nor were they considered important until their village was targeted by the Big Bad Wolf. With most of the townspeople murdered and devoured by the Lycans, only one young woman survived to tell the tale. Scarlett Roth made her way to a temple of the Huntress and begged the goddess for a means of revenge. The goddess answered her prayer by bestowing upon her the powers of what would come to be known as the Red Riding Hood.

Scarlett Roth went on to marry but refused to give up her surname because of the importance the Huntress had given to it. This would continue as a tradition among her descendants who always kept their own surname of Roth even after marriage. Only Dahlia Rainecourt, the final Red Riding Hood and her mother Diana would forgo this tradition in order to better conceal themselves from the Big Bad Wolf and the Lycans.

With the most recent Red Riding Hood's fall from grace and her infatuation with the Big Bad Wolf, she was imprisoned in time as his jailer never to return to the land of gods and men. Dahlia took with her the title of Red Riding Hood which will never be passed down to anyone in the Roth family line again unless they prove themselves worthy to the gods, leaving several women with wasted potential.

Red Riding Hood

Once a Red Riding Hood comes into her power upon the death of the former Red Riding Hood, she is gifted with certain skills and supernatural abilities given to her by the Huntress' blessing. Until then, the female members of the Roth family are relatively normal. They do possess an innate athletic ability and endurance but do not achieve any of the supernatural powers until 'called' to serve the Huntress. Upon death, these gifts are passed down to the next most worthy female member of the family.
  • Superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, and durability
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Ability to sense Lycans and later Lupin
  • Innate hand-to-hand and weapons combat skills

Members of Note

Dahlia Roth-Rainecourt (Imprisoned) - The last of the Red Riding Hoods, she fell in love with the Big Bad Wolf and forsook her duties as Red Riding Hood in favor of her feelings for him; for this she was punished, removed from the world and placed as his jailer in an eternal prison. With her, the Red Riding Hood gifts appear to have ended.

'Grandmother' Roth - See Red Riding Hood Canon Tale

'Heir' Roth (1) - See Red Riding Hood Canon Tale

'Heir' Roth (2) - See Red Riding Hood Canon Tale

Scarlett Roth (Dead) - The first Red Riding Hood, it was her prayers after the massacre of her village by Lycans that began the gifts of Red Riding Hood and it is to her that all members of the Roth family can trace their ancestry.

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