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 Castle Caerleon

Castle Caerleon

The Castle of the High Court

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Associated Canon Tales:King Arthur
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Castle Caerleon is the center of the Kingdom of Caerleon and is the home of the reigning High King and Queen of Ga’leah.


Castle Caerleon is located just north of the center of the Kingdom of Caerleon, at the highest point of the main city. Sitting at an elevation of near a thousand feet, it towers above the rest of the city, and especially the outlying villages which lie in the valley below.


The castle itself was completed in 1940 by Uther Pendragon. While it is not the tallest castle in all of Ga’leah, its strategic location means that it still sits much higher than the rest of the city. The tallest tower stands around one hundred feet off the ground, and its foundation goes deep within the hill upon which it was built. Uther Pendragon was a paranoid King, and so early on in its construction he had dozens of escape tunnels built into the side of the hill, exiting in five different location, and only three of which anyone other than the High King himself was aware of at the time. Legends said that he was so paranoid that he had escape tunnels placed in every single room he ventured to within the castle. Rumors said he even had one whose entrance was behind a closet in his dressing room, and that behind all the coats and fineries, a great hole was cut in the back of the dresser. This was not the only rumor to persist about the castle, as it is also said that the dungeons are haunted by the souls of the innocents that Uther killed during his Reign of Terror, and another rumor that the entire castle is somehow enchanted by the magicians he hired, and that there is a secret room that none but the High King’s blood can enter.

Rumors aside, Caerleon was a cleverly built castle, and because of that, servants were able to sneak the infant Arthur out when the castle was captured by the Red Dragon, and Uther assassinated. In the years following, the castle has been redecorated several times, but no structural changes have been made, unlike the changes to the outer wall Arthur made a few years into his reign.

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